The Pentagon just gave Russia justification to bomb the USA over medical violence against children
It’s twisted beyond belief.

By launching missiles at Syria, over claims that children were being harmed by chemical violence, the Pentagon just gave every other country in the world the same moral justification to bomb the United States.

How? Because the U.S. government openly advocates and sometimes even MANDATES various forms of chemical violence against children.

This includes brain-damaging chemicals used in vaccines, by the way. Let’s hope Russia doesn’t do the same thing the Pentagon did and start bombing Washington D.C. to “save the children” from the CDC.

Click here for the full story.

Don’t miss this: The Truth About Vaccines documentary series just launched a few hours ago. These professionally filmed episodes are astonishingly GOOD. There’s another episode airing tonight.

Click here for my article and link where you can see all the episodes.

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