Zionist Hatred of Rome/Greeks Behind Destruction of Roman Landmarks and Greek Austerity

ISIS Destroys Roman Landmarks in Syria’s Ancient War-torn Palmyra

by MG editor

The extremists tear down facade of second-century theater and monument after recapturing the town from government troops.

ed note–no one should make the mistake of thinking that this was/is being done due to any ‘Islamic’ angle.

Islam has been in the region for 1,400 years, and all the monuments to former civilizations–Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Persian, Byzantine, etc, have been left untouched, unbothered, unmolested, etc.

But there is one entity in the region who has an absolutely IMPLACABLE hatred for the aforelisted former cultures/civilizations, and it is the Jewish state. The Jews hate the Egyptians because of their biblical lore surrounding their ‘400 years of enslavement’, doubtless just as much a myth as their precious Hollerco$t. They hate the Persians because of the biblical lore surrounding the story of Esther and the narrative they have constructed around it of having single-handedly slaughtered 75,000 people dwelling within one of the most powerful empires in history, and with nothing untoward coming their way as a result of having done so–RIGHT. They hate the Greeks for the simple reason that of all the civilizations with which Judaism came into contact, it was the Greek that posed the most danger, as many Jews found it much more enlightening, liberating of the mind, heart, and soul and much more conducive to personal and collective happiness than the insular, backwards and benighted Judaism which they had been forced to follow.

And then, there were the Romans, who were, in many ways, a continuation of Greek Hellenism paired with order and progress, and everyone knows what happened when the Jews decided they were going to put their god Yahweh and his personal favoritism towards them to the test by going to war against Rome.

One must assume that ISIS would find many if not all of what has transpired since 1948 and the resurrection of the Jewish state to be objectionable to Islam as well, but we have yet to see a single instance of this seemingly unstoppable group attacking Israel in any fashion. Read more of this post

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