Why the Zionist Controlled Deep State Wants to Oust Trump

LaRouchePAC Weekly

1. Trump wants to revive the American System of Economics

2. Trump wants productive relations with Russia and China

What is the real issue in the current uproar about Trump?

Join us tonight for a special webcast: 5pm Eastern / 8pm Pacific at LaRouchePAC.com Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern together with long-time NSA codebreaker William Binney this week issued a statement outlining why the current twin attacks on Donald Trump and Russia are a hoax and showing the Deep State apparatus behind those attacks.  Ray will be interviewed for tonight’s LaRouchePAC webcast.

In additon, Bill Jones, Senior EIR Correspondent, will provide the political context for those attacks based on Trump’s desire to collaborate with China and Russia on economic development while embracing the American system of political economy. The President’s upcoming April 6th summit with China’s President Xi Jinping can be an extremely important step in that process.

Please join us tonight where we address these two urgent issues.

Broadcast begins: Friday, March 31
5pm Eastern / 8pm Pacific

My Comment:  Actually Trump is right.  We should work to build very good relations with Russia and China and revive the traditional American system of Economics which made this country very prosperous.  I don’t agree with Trump’s bombing Yemen and ME Geopolitics but he is correct to want peace with Iran which is a peaceful country.  One must not forget CIA’s role in Geopolitics stirring up trouble wherever they go-they work for the Zionists not the United States.  Zionists have Israel passports and are loyal ONLY to Zion and are a foreign occupier of the U.S. Government.  Larouchepac leaves out the huge elephant in the living room-that we are a Zionist Occupied Government and the Zionists are the Synagogue of Satan as stated by our Lord Jesus Christ.  All of our foreign wars have been bent on murdering Christians:  Christians in Syria, Iraq, Nagasaki and Hiroshima and many more….the Zionists have a rabid hatred of Christians and want them all dead.  They want unlimited immigration of “refugees” young men of military age working for ISIS and ISIL, etc. in the United States to breed like rabbits, run our nation with beheadings of Christians under Sharia law created by Wahhabism which is a British creation/Satanic in nature.  If you don’t believe this search it and find out for yourself.  The guillotines are already here a minimum of 30,000 of them and Sharia law is springing up as well as Muslim controlled and indoctrinated Charter Schools being funded by Muslims.  Atlanta already has a law on the books legalizing death by guillotines and the caskets, thousands of them, are already in place.

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