Queen Elizabeth’s Bible Deception! Be Wary Christians! Be Spiritually Awakened! Now!!!

My Comment:  Those who love Christ do NOT work towards the enslavement and destruction of their fellow man.  I have numerous references……………….illuminati I, illuminati II, illuminati III, & illuminati IV by Chris Everard on youtube as well as enormous nefarious activities of her Queen’s Drug Wars to force opium into China at least twice, her Satanic Majesties’ Satanic ceremonies involving the 10 disappeared Native children from Kamloops Rez back in the ’60’s, the Monarchy murder of Princess Diana, in Princess Die, etc.  Go to itccs.org, www.murderby decree.com and hiddennolonger.com  The Evidence is everywhere.  She and her family are Satanic and lie and deceive.  She has 72 flags bearing emblems of 72 demons in Everard’s films.  She and her family are intergenerational Satanists and want their followers to worship them as false idols.  I believe the anti-Christ is Prince William and she is paying the way for these bible changes to have him crowned King in the name of “PEACE.”  She is pure evil as anyone associated with her (think Princess Diana) knew.  You can read about what Princess Diana knew in David Icke’s “The Biggest Secret.”  She IS the illuminati and is of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha bloodline and is a usurper of the British throne.  She is NOT even English.  Think psychopathic criminal and then think British Monarchy.  They have a Blood Lust second to none.  Donald Marshall describes her at the Cloning Stations….he knew her pretty well.  When you see a starving African child think of the evil, vile Monarchies & illuminati companies causing these horrors. 



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