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Dying EPA scientist’s last letter begs colleagues to stop lying about herbicides
A huge collection of unsealed court documents are coming out now, revealing astonishing details about the criminal collusion of EPA bureaucrats with the biotech industry.

One of the most shocking documents released so far — we’ve got it posted in full — contains a letter from a dying EPA scientist. In the letter, she begs her colleagues to stop taking bribes from pesticide manufacturers and, for once in their lives, make regulatory decisions in the interest of the people rather than the corporations.

Read this shocking here.

Also today, we’ve got the Wikileaks-style document dump showing deep collusion between the EPA and Monsant.

See how the EPA deliberately covered up the scientific truth about glyphosate and cancer.

Click here for the story and links to the full text of the documents.

P.S. More documents will be posted in the next 48 hours. We’ll carry links to them all at Natural News.

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