Monsanto From Romania Masquerading as Organic?


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Corn and Soy Imports Threaten U.S. Organic Farmers

450,000 bushels of supposedly organic corn

As consumers become more health-conscious and educated, the demand for organic corn, soybeans, and grains has risen. Livestock producers and food processors seeking to improve profit margins have been met with a rapidly increasing supply of imported grain from countries like Romania, Turkey, and China. Producers in the U.S. are questioning whether some of these imports suddenly flooding the market may be conventional corn, soybeans, and grains labeled organic. Turkey is the primary foreign supplier of organic corn and soybeans to the U.S., although the European Union and Canada have stopped accepting shipments from a key Turkish organic certifying company due to questions about oversight. Domestic farmers are struggling to compete with suspiciously low import prices, and the USDA is investigating multiple complaints on this issue.

My Comment:  Romania is notoriously corrupt and is a Monsanto/US Puppet joining the EU, NATO and authorizing fracking on family farms!

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