Big Mike “Michelle” Obama-Signs of Being a Trannie/Satanists Train Children to Be Trannies

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Michelle Obama Is a Man on CNN/Joan Rivers (or is it John?) was promptly removed from the public arena by her “accidental death” after this open admission.

IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama is a MAN ?

Thursday, August 7, 2014 13:44

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(Before It’s News)

NOTE: As of this posting at 1:11 PM (EST) today (March 26, 2014) 259.053 people have viewed this particular video clip since it was first published on YouTube on March 11, 2014. The transcript is added below the video.  Is this a “power of suggestion” video OR dies it really show “irrefutable proof?” Comments and Feedback welcomed.  
What do you think?

IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama is a MAN 24/7


The President’s homosexual lover, lives in the White House, and his name is Michael.

[Note: the transcripts posted on this website, are here because we are well aware of the needs of the hearing impaired, and the needs of those who do not speak english, but want to enjoy reading the content – translated into their native language.  And for this reason, the translate button is located at the very top of every page on this website.](Girl singing)  “Oh say can you see?”

(0:11) This video, will present irrefutable, and scientific proof, that will establish, beyonsd any reasonable doubt, that Michelle Obama, is in FACT, a MAN! – who prefers to present himself, and who prefers to dress up, as a woman.

(0:30) This video will prove, that the person, commonly referred to, as “the first lady” of the United States, may be,‘the first Queen’ at best – but he most certainly, is not a lady.  Let’s find out why.  This video will examine the following:

(0:49) It will examine Michelle’s male hands, male shoulders, male torso, male genitalia, and overall, male proportions.  It will also look at how, a carefully designed wardrobe, a wide hairdo, a persistent ‘facially distorting smile,’ and ‘carefully selected press photos,’ have all succeeded, in suppressing the revelation of Michelle’s undeniable, male, physical, form.(1:18) While this information is “controversial and shocking” to say the least, it is being shared, because it is the Truth; it is being presented so that people can stop living the lie, that is being dished out by the U.S. Government, and the mainstream media.
(1:37) Many people are unfamiliar with the more ‘subtle physical differences’ that can be found between men and women.  While Michelle Obama works very hard to distort the more obvious differences, he fails miserably at hiding them all.  Let’s take a close look at some of the male traits that he has failed to conceal.  We will begin, by looking

at the hands.(2:04) The scientific community, has known for a long time, that a man’s ring finger, is typically longer than a man’s index finger. Here are two clear pictures – that illustrate the differences in ring finger proportions, on male and female hands. Notice how the man’s ring finger is visibly longer than his index finger.  While it is not uncommon for a woman to have the ring finger and index finger at very similar lengths, it is almost unheard of for a woman to have a visibly longer, ring finger.

(2:45) See for yourself, by looking at both of your hands.  Relax your hands. Put them flat on a table.  Pull the fingers together, and notice the length of your ring finger.  Now compare it to the length of your index finger.  Your hands will now testify, against Michelle Obama, every time you look at them.
[Special Note: if you have the DNA of a woman, and your ring finger appears to be longer than your index finger, then do not be alarmed. Some people who have the DNA of a woman, do in fact have ring fingers that appear to be longer than the index finger. According to the scientific community, the diagram at 2:04 in this video testifies that the woman’s ring finger is typically 2% longer than her index finger. Because of the angle of the knuckles, the ring finger can appear to be a “similar length”. The ring finger can appear deceptively longer than the index finger, by simply angling the finger tips away, from the thumb. Try it, and see for yourself.  Some people with arthritis may have ring fingers that appear to be longer for this reason. The term “man finger” was used in the video (see 17:29), not to describe any part of people who have the DNA of a women, but rather to describe a part of men – who typically have visibly longer ring fingers than index fingers.  “Michelle” – who is in fact a man, does indeed, have “man fingers” – all ten of them!  Remember to use common sense and reason while watching this video – because it is in fact the sum of all the proofs in this video, that allow us to say with confidence, that the fact that Michelle Obama is a Man, is IRREFUTABLE!  This is not a statement that is based on any ONE proof apart from all of the others.]
(3:13) If we look at this x-ray of a man’s hands, we can see how the bone structure of the ring finger, is visibly longer, than that of the index finger.
(3:26) If we look at an x-ray of a woman’s hand, we can easily see, that the tip of the ring finger appears to be slightly shorter than the index finger.
(3:37) In this photo of Barack and Michelle’s right hands, even at a distance, Michelle’s ring finger is noticeably longer than the index finger.  In fact, the ring finger is so long, that when we compare it with the one on the man next to him, it is easy to see, that the male trait, of prominent ring finger length, is even more pronounced, in Michelle.
(4:06) Here we see, a person [Ashton Kutcher] holding up their hand.  By the ring finger length, it is safe to conclude, that he is a man.
(4:16) Here, we see someone [Angelina Jolie], whose ring finger length clearly shows that she was born, a female.(4:25) But in this photo – wait a minute, “Houston, we have a problem!” The ring finger is noticeably longer than the index finger – proving that Serena Williams, the famous tennis player, was in fact born: a male.  [Note: this conclusion, was drawn after taking into consideration a number of telling signs, in addition to finger length.  In other words, “proving” – after the fact] Both the shoulders, and flamboyant behavior, are quite telling as well.
(4:47) Here is a good photo of Michelle’s hands. The ring fingers are both, visibly, longer than the index fingers.(4:58) Once again, we have clear view of the hands. It is undeniable: those are the hands, that emerged from the womb, on a male, child.(5:10) Now that we have established, that Michelle has the hands of a man, let’s look at Michelle’s shoulders. The shoulders are surrounded by bulging muscles – that appear to be very masculine. Notice how the carefully tailored clothing, hides the neck muscles. Let’s find out why.

(5:32) Both the neck muscles, and the bulging shoulders, look like they belong on a man.(5:39) In this photo, the hair and the clothing both serve to camouflage the neck muscles. Michelle’s face may appear quite “feminine” – to the undiscerning eye; but after taking a closer look, isn’t it amazing, what the very best make-up artists and hair stylists, can do to any person, who has enough money?
(6:01) And to help add to the illusion, Michelle often slouches forward.  This is done to make the shoulders appear smaller, but the masculine shoulders remain.(6:13) Wild hair and dangling earrings, can pull the eye away from the shoulders, but once you have spotted them, they just don’t seem to go away.(6:24) To make matters worse, men have more prominent brow features than women. As you can see, Michelle’s eyebrows are generally painted on, in such a way that they wrap around the male skull bone, that protrudes out at the eyebrows.

(6:42) Close up images of the eyebrows reveal a tremendous effort, at wrapping the paint, all the way around, this very prominent male, facial feature.(6:54) Once again, the painted eyebrows, do not match the size of the brow bone.(7:01) Now what most people do not know about human anatomy, is that the body is ‘naturally proportioned’ – based on a ratio between overall body height, and the size of a person’s head! In this illustration, you can see how perfectly proportioned, a typical human body of each gender is! This illustration also reveals, a description, of how the shoulders are measured.

(7:30) On a woman’s body, the shoulder width, is typically equivalent, of 2 ½ times, the width of her head.(7:41) Here we have an example of a healthy woman. As you can clearly see, her shoulders are about two and a half times the width of her head.
(7:53) A man’s shoulders, are typically the equivalent, of three times, the width of his head.  In this illustration, it is easy to see that this person, is in fact a man – based on the width of his shoulders, in relation to the width of his head.
(8:11) And here, we have an image of an extremely athletic man, whose gender is confirmed, by the width of his shoulders, in relation to the width of his head.(8:23) Now, if we take an objective look at Michelle, we see that the shoulder width, is not compatible with the shoulders of a woman, in relation to the size of the head. The dress, the pearls, the fancy hairdo, and make-up,can re-direct the observer’s attention, away from the proportions; but all the illusions, cannot make the physical reality that Michelle is a man, go away.
(8:54) Now let’s take a closer look at Michelle’s body proportions. Notice in this illustration that the height of a typical healthy man, is roughly eight times the height of his head. The height of a typical healthy woman is roughly seven times the height of her head.
(9:14) This illustration reveals that Michelle stands at eight heads tall

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    […] Big Mike “Michelle” Obama-Signs of Being…›2017/03/big-mike-michelle-obama-…Менюat the hands.(2:04) The scientific community, has known for a long time, that a man’s ringfinger, is typically longer than a man’s index finger. Here are two clear pictures – that illustrate the differences in ring finger proportions, on male and female hands.Missing: wh, sex […]