War on Drugs Must Include British Empire’s Dope, Inc.

President Trump Announces Serious War on Drugs, But Must Include Central Role of British-Wall Street Banks

In a Feb. 8 speech to the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association (MCCA) Winter Conference in Washington, President Donald Trump announced his policy for an all-out war on drugs, to be directed by Homeland Security Secretary, Gen. (r) John Kelly. The speech came as Sen. Jeff Sessions, who has been a fierce opponent of Barack Obama’s drug legalization policies, was being confirmed as Attorney General. Yesterday, Trump issued an executive order instructing the Attorney General to “form a separate task force to focus on destroying transnational criminal organizations and drug cartels.”READ MORE

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My Comment:  The Drug Trade (and Human Trafficking including Human Body parts Trafficking) are extremely lucrative for the British Monarchy and their Bankster money launderers which include the Federal Reserve Banks:  Chase, Banksters of America, Wells Fargo, BCCI, Citibank, etc. Deutschbank.  The US gov’s war on Dope is a phony war;  they simply incarcerate all the independent dope dealers making money off of them as privatized slave labor while bringing in trillions of dollars of dope via military planes on military installations.  The Drug Trade details are in Dope, Inc. but there are many other resources. A direct illuminati whistleblower gave LPAC the money and the information to write this book.

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