Massive protests rock Romania … with the stench of Soros

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February 2nd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– By Alexa Balan, exclusively for FRN –
** The following is an official statement, in Mr. Balan’s capacity as President of the Union of Banat Romanians, in Serbia **

Yesterday’s massive demonstrations in Romania , where around 100,000 people gathered, were sponsored and organized by Soros financed NGO’s in Romania, and by the Soros funded political party, the USR. They were praised and supported by the openly masonic German president of Romania, Klaus Iohanis, who incited violence and called for a revolution. 

This impostor won a rigged election, he is against Romanian interests and calls for the so-called Europeanization of Romania. Their excuse for rioting was the the judiciary reform laws adopted by the new Socialist government, which are amnesty laws which would halt the political persecution of patriotic anti-globalist politicians in Romania, at the hands of the CIA and Soros funded anti-corruption agency DNA. These protect the interests of multinational companies, and prosecutes nationalists by indicting them with false charges.
The present Socialist PSD government was elected by an overwhelming majority vote in December, over 50%, on their promises they would halt the further selling of Romanian resources to foreigners, their anti IMF stance, Eurosceptic views, raising of pensions, eliminating taxes etc. The USR Soros party which led the maidan protest yesterday, only won 8% in the election. They recruited young deluded people over the internet, their aim was to storm the parliament building and seize power. They openly called for the lynching of government officials by publishing their addresses and phone numbers on the net.
Had they not been defeated by our brave police forces in Bucharest yesterday, they would have set up tents and other maidan like structures in the Bucharest city centre, Victoria square, and we all know to where that leads. We, the Romanians of Serbia condemn the Soros protest and so do the majority of Romanians in Romania, and all over the world in our diaspora. My view is shared also by the Serbian Radical Party leader Dr. Seselj, whom I visited today.
My Comment:  Masonic German president of Romania is a Satan Worshipper and thrives on chaos.  He now has the chaos he wants because they all believe in their order out of their created chaos.  Unfortunately, these Secret Societies are ALL Satanic and work against the interests of hard working honest people.  Time for Russia, Romania, Hungary and the United States band together to arrest and imprison Soros, George as an international criminal. already has the evidence on Soros to do this.