The Real Political Manipulation Here is By the Chosenites From Hell- the Zionists “Jews”


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Like I just said minutes ago, I feel like the forced resignation of General Flynn was a horrible show for the nation and world at large to see, as it displays weakness in the face of repeated and hysterical Jewish attacks on the Administration.

President Trump must learn from this incident, which at the moment seems to be a blunder (we all make some), and move forward by closing the ranks in order to deter further strikes by enemies of the State.

Even the Russians understand this, and have therefore come out urging the President to beware of enemy forces that may be hiding too close for comfort.

From Fox News:

A Russian official said Tuesday that the resignation of President Trump’s national security adviser may show early signs that the administration has been “infected” by anti-Russian feelings, Reuters reported.

Michael Flynn handed in his resignation late Monday night, conceding that he gave “incomplete information” about his calls with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S.

“Either Trump has not gained the requisite independence and he is consequently being not unsuccessfully backed into a corner, or Russophobia has already infected the new administration also from top to bottom,” MP Konstantin Kosachev said, according to news reports out of the country.

Kosachev, chairman of the foreign affairs committee at the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, said in a post on Facebook that firing a national security adviser for his contacts with Russia is “not just paranoia but something even worse.”

Kosachev’s counterpart at the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, Alexei Pushkov, tweeted shortly after the announcement that “it was not Flynn who was targeted but relations with Russia.”

Trump named retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg as the acting national security adviser. Kellogg had previously been appointed the National Security Council chief of staff and advised Trump during the campaign.

Trump is also considering former CIA Director David Petraeus and Vice Admiral Robert Harward, a U.S. Navy SEAL, for the post, according to a senior administration official.

The Trump team’s account of Flynn’s discussions with the Russian envoy changed repeatedly over several weeks, including the number of contacts, the dates of those contacts and ultimately, the content of the conversations.

We’re going to be keeping a much closer eye on the White House factional struggles in the coming days and weeks, because if my senses are correct, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will likely be the next man attacked for his ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

The lead-up to the demise of General Flynn was somewhat ignored by us due to the sheer level of nonsense that has been pushed forth by the Lugenpresse lately, but we won’t make that mistake again.

The Jews are not going to get away with another bullying attack on our regime – they will be called out, and they will be defeated if and when they try again.

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It’s obvious to those who are paying attention that Flynn’s desire to improve US relations with Russia and work together with Putin in the fight against ISIS, which by the way  he called out for being a US ZOG creation during a July 2015 interview with Al-Jazeera had the jews very nervous and angry.

Yeah I know Flynn didn’t have a high opinion of Iran, but I believe all that talk of his was either hot-air to throw the kikes off his back or he would have come around with Iran. The guy was obviously aware of the US ZOG’s support of ISIS and had to have known that Iran has been helping the Syrian and Iraqi governments combat ISIS. Did you know Flynn actually traveled to Russia and had conversations with Russian officials which, btw, drove the Jews and their neocon lackeys crazy.  It’s also more than possible Flynn intended on restoring US relations with Iran through the backdoor with Russia, a strong ally of Iran’s. The Bottom line is Flynn’s ‘resignation’ is bad news for the goyim but good news for the Jews who seek to islamisize America and start world war with Russia which they have lost control of. Flynn’s only crime was wanting to implement domestic and foreign policies that put America’s interests first and that made the chosen ones more than upset who must always come first in their sick and twisted demonic minds.

update –

sigh… Just one day after Michael Flynn resigns, Trump says he expects Russia to “return Crimea” to Ukraine.  This is bullshit. Crimea had a Referendum and 95% Voted to Join Russia. clearly, Trump is under enormous jewish pressure to not improve relations with Russia, so either he’s starting to cave into their demands like a bitch, or this is just hot air to throw the kikes off his back for now…we’ll have to wait and see what happens. But I see this as very bad news brothers, very bad news.

here’s what my friend Mr.buttermaker thinks –

well my fellow +BN-RJN posters, dont know about you all but its over!

It’s official– An entire 2 weeks. Heck, I thought it at least be 2 months. This news …….



Seriously folks. Its not the what’s being done but the brazen audacity at which it does.

Lets all stop wasting our time talking any more.

Either the military gets involved right now, not tomorrow, or next month, or its OVER. Maybe its time for the people that have to take reign of a lawless country under Jewish control.

Go door to door if they have to and launch em like Putin did. Every single one of them.

The military has 2 choices — either die over a fake war with Russia, or do the same here but at least protecting your family. Your choice! Turn the turrets and re-read your oath. You havent won a war since the 40s. Time to turn that loosing steak around on one that’s for a good cause.

The fact that Podesta and his gang of creeps still havent seen handcuffs should have foreshadowed.

Trump could have nipped this in the bud by ordering arrests immediately but he didn’t. And please, nobody tell me one needs more time for for evidence or investigation.

here’s what my friend Apollos thinks –

My sense is that Putin and Trump have decided to distance themselves from each other to defend our common interests. The Russians said earlier today that they think the Trump administration might be “Russophobic,” and they even buzzed a Destroyer earlier today, prior to Trump’s statement about Crimea. I don’t think the timing is an accident. I suspect there is some coordination going on in order to control public opinion, as it seems odd, otherwise, that the Russians would already be reacting this way just because of Flynn–who wasn’t even terminated because of his Russian conversation, but because he got caught not revealing all of the details to the Trump administration. We’ll know for sure as long as Trump goes forward with normalization of Russian/USA relations in other areas such as against ISIS.

If people want to know how Russia operates on a strategic/intelligence level, they should remember that Putin is a very smart man with KGB training. This training has explicitly included tactics such as false statements, positions, and even provocative military maneuvers, that otherwise serve to hide true intentions. Trump, in turn, is a very smart business man who is currently being threatened by the GOP leadership with constant “investigations” into his alleged spying for Russia. Statements like “the Russians need to give back Crimea” are so extreme (but also impossible) that it provides him a great deal of cover.

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