Mnuchin Was Goldman Sachs Mergers & Acquisition Man = Consolidation of Power-Totally a New World Order Ploy

Interview 1252 – Nomi Prins Exposes Government Sachs

02/06/20171 Comment

Of all the investment banks on Wall Street, Goldman Sachs enjoys the most incestuous relationship with Washington, where it has a revolving door at the Treasury Department. As a former managing director at the firm, Nomi Prins is uniquely situated to discuss that relationship and what makes the revolving door so insidious. She joins us today to outline the firm’s past and explore its future with her latest article, “On The Goldmanization Of President Trump.”


All The Presidents’ Bankers

Nomi Prins On The Goldmanization Of President Trump

My Comment:  Ron Paul knew plenty about the Economic collapse causes of 2008-he would be an excellent guy to be Treasury Secretary.  Mnuchin has done a lot of crimes and paid a lot of fines-like appointing a convicted felon as Police Commissioner!  Bad News.  Get Active in opposing this rat!  Call your Congressman to Oppose him 202-224-3121. and sign Credo’s Petition to block MNUCHIN.  Trump looks like he’s becoming another OBama:  Promises & Lies.  Get Active.  You will make the difference not these Prostitutes.  She also mentions Glass-Steagall which would clean up the corruption.  Call your Congressperson and specifically ask them to support Glass Steagall as well as a Pecora Commission to clean up this Financial Corruption.

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