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Jesus Christ statue at Indiana church beheaded for second time in two weeks

by Sabba

jesus christ

RT – A Jesus Christ statue was beheaded for the second time in as many weeks outside an Indianapolis church as part of an ongoing wave of religious vandalism, according to local reports.
The statue stands outside the Cottage Avenue Pentecostal Fellowship in Indianapolis and was decapitated for the first time two weeks ago. The head was left behind and the church was able to quickly reattach it. In the second incident, the vandals took the head with them.
“The first time is vandalism, the second time there’s got to be a hatred to it,” churchgoer Leroy Myers, whose daughter donated the statue five years ago, told RTV6. CONTINUE READING

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My Comment:  Russia is a Christian nation exemplified by this picture of a Russian orthodox church…is this why the criminals in charge want WW3 With Russia?

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