Ex-Deputy NATO Commander Predicts Russia Will Start WW3 in May, 2017-3 Months!!!

China is just sitting back quietly and they’re using Putin as the front-man since they are partners and allies with Russia.  China is silently waiting, allowing Russia to speak up, do the dirty work, but China has their back.  These two countries believe that together they can overpower the USA.

>>CORRECT: MAY 10, 2016 Russian TV announced a military test of a Stealth Nuclear Missile called Satan2, with enough power to wipe out a nation. The official name of the said device is RS-28 Sarmat. With it’s stealth capabilities, the West has nothing to stop this weapon.

>>NEWS: May 20, 2016 BRACE YOURSELF: Ex-Deputy NATO Commander Predicts Russia Will Start WWIII (WW3) in May 2017 via Russian Insider


China prides themselves in their silence. Chinese media reports propaganda, circulating only information that they want the West to know.  Military plans and secrets rarely get leaked.

>> CORRECT: Speaking of Propaganda as News in China’s Morning Post May 20, 2016


I see that China has the best hackers. They know the web better than anybody does, including the US government. They are so smart and dedicated to the cause and working together for a better China, whereas our government is unable to come together for the higher good. China has what we don’t: patience, money and time. For years I have “seen” that they have a military strategy in place and they are orchestrating a takeover of the world. Slowly and methodically they have gathered military intelligence, weapons of mass destruction, space weapons, electronic warfare and they have loaned the USA so much money that they are our land lords; they have infiltrated our society without American’s even knowing.  They are executing a long-term plan of owning the entire world; and Russia will be their enforcer.

Surprise! Our government knows this and they’re using the Middle East as a complete distraction filling the news media with ISIS and the Middle East, giving Putin and China little national attention.

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