(Kind of Like Brad Pitt Movie FIGHT CLUB)

Gladiators of the Pit

The public never seem to tire of gladiator epics such as the recent Starz cable TV series Spartacus, inspired by the true account of a Thracian warrior who led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic in 73 B.C.E. The series appealed to loyal fans in the United States and around the world. It was nominated for many prestigious awards, winning the Saturn award in 2011 for Best DVD/Blu-Ray TV Series.The glorious days of the gladiator are far from over, according to Illuminati whistleblower Donald Marshall, who says that the spectacle of fighting to the death is alive and well, and takes place every night in deep underground military bases around the world.

Like Spartacus, Marshall must also battle to the death, only his arena is the dirt pit of the cloning center and his opponents are warriors who never die; if killed, they just get activated into a new clone body.

Marshall claims that he hates to go to sleep at night and open his eyes to find himself standing in the pit, dressed for battle. He knows that he is in for yet another night of sword fighting for the pleasure of this elite crowd of spectators. Marshall maintains that members of the Illuminati attend the cloning center at night, while their real bodies are at home, sleeping. They sit there in the stands of the arena and watch the spectacle of blood-sport, night after night, year after year.

Marshall calls it murder theatre for the rich and famous.

Marshall reports that he is activated against his will and forced to fight, or face torture if he refuses. He says that members of the Illuminati feel that they can use your clone in any way they choose since, they state, that clones are not natural-born humans, and, therefore, have no human rights.

According to Marshall, elite members like to watch the slaughter of clone warriors battle to the death, all of which is videotaped and shared for the enjoyment of others in military bases around the world. They tell themselves that no harm is done since none of this is real.

Nevertheless, Marshall claims that sword fighting in the pit is very disturbing. “You wonder why you didn’t swing your sword” explains Marshall “and you look over and you no longer have an arm, it’s chopped off at the elbow and spurting blood with every beat of your heart.”

Marshall explains that there can be some confusion at first if you think you’re in your real body and you look at your bloody stump and think “Oh shit, now I’m an amputee…”, before you realize that you’re at the cloning center.

What’s more, since there is virtually no possibility of the public ever finding out what goes on in deep underground military bases… let the games begin!

On any given night, the center pit recreates the gladiator arena of ancient Rome, the grounds of a Medieval tournament, or even the Samurai battlefields of feudal Japan as spectators sit and watch bloodsports from around the world ordered up for their secret entertainment.

It’s time to do or die for gladiators in the pit, where refusing to fight is not an option, and warriors can face brutal punishment for not cooperating. Marshall tells of the time he refused to fight. His opponents skinned him and then rolled his bloody body in the dirt of the pit arena. “Next time,” Marshall says “I fought.”

As a warrior in the pit, Marshall has battled, won and lost again and again, for as long as there are backup bodies. He claims that on any given night of sword fighting, he can go through multiple bodies at one time, each one being activated right after the other.

Marshall claims to have died many times, as a clone, describing the stages of death by blood loss as feeling drunk for a short time, then incredibly sick, then immobile and finally all turns to black, until he open his eyes in a new body.

Marshall explains that when he wakes up in a new body, he immediately feels what is known as pain echoes, which are physical sensations from the last death he suffered. He describes it as a feeling of intense pain upon first awakening, which begins to lessen in waves until all that remains is some shakiness from body shock. Then, as soon as he recovers, it’s back to the battlefield.

Marshall says that he’s been sword fighting since he was 5 years old, when they first handed him a short sword called a shoto, pushed him into the pit and told him to fight, saying that he had to grow into a big sword, just keep working and he’ll get the sword. Marshall didn’t want the sword or to sword fight but they would just chop him on full pain sensors again and again. Marshall remembers the first time they put him in the pit with another kid, and told them to fight. Marshall says he refused and threw down his sword, after which his young opponent hacked him to pieces. Each time, someone would just push him back in the ring, saying block and fight. Over time, Marshall says that blocking and trying to de-limb or decapitate his opponent became second nature to avoid pain of torture.

So began Marshall’s sword fighting career, all videotaped and shared for the viewing pleasure of audiences around the world. He says that he remembers the cameras being bigger when he was young, but as he got bigger, the cameras got smaller.

Marshall maintains that for years he was trained by experts in different forms of combat sports including wrestling, fencing, and the martial arts of Japanese sword and spear fighting. He says hated his senseis, where all instruction was reinforced with pain and threat of torture. Marshall claims that over time, he eventually surpassed his teachers, and then they began to throw all types of experts at him, Spanish fencers, Swedish musclemen with 2 handed broadswords,
who, Marshall claims, practically cleaved him in two with one stroke. It seemed that everyone wanted to take him down.

Marshall explains that because of his reputation as a musician, he had became legendary among the secret fight clubs located in deep underground military bases world wide. Everyone wanted to meet Marshall, and then beat Marshall. That proved to be difficult, as he had been sword training for most of his life, so he claims that they began to resort to dirty tricks in the pit, like shocking him with electrical current to disable him during a match, or pre-drugging the clone, so once Marshall opened his eyes, he found himself unable to move, let alone fight.

Marshall says they do these things to humiliate him, so celebrities could brag about how they beat him in the ring. Strangely enough, Marshall believes that most of the crowd knew these battles were set up, but still wanted to fight him anyway. Marshall explains that sometimes when he would be struggling to fight under the influence of some drug, he would pretend to be more incapacitated than he really was, so when the celebrity came in close, he would slice off an arm, and then, give him a big chop. Victory was sweet for Marshall, although, he says they always got him back later.

Marshall remembers the time he was told that one well-known celebrity wanted to sword fight him in the ring front of the crowd, but Marshall was told to block, make it look good, and then let the celebrity win. Marshall says he began to fight at first, but soon sliced the celeb’s head cleanly off. Afterwards, the celeb retaliated by stabbing him repeatedly in a small private room, while Marshall was in restraints.

Not all the fighting at the clone zone happens in the pit. Today, Marshall is engaged in a different kind of battle, where he fights to alert the public about the deadly brutal games that take place nightly in top-secret military bases around the world. Marshall vows to keep fighting until all cloning centers are shut down permanently.

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