Jail Obama for Treason

Feb. 20 (EIRNS)—Barack Obama, after eight years of mass killing with drones and genocidal “regime change” wars, has refused to retire from his treasonous role, but is now leading an insurrection against the democratically elected President who solidly defeated his clone, Hillary Clinton, in the November election.

“Obama is actually highly vulnerable,” Lyndon LaRouche noted today. “He has exposed himself as a traitor to the United States.” Obama proudly met with his CIA chief John Brennan every Tuesday afternoon during his reign to draw up the “kill list” for the week—those whom “King Obama” chose to assassinate on his own volition—sans court order, sans due process—along with whoever happened to be with his target when the drone struck.

LaRouche noted that the New York Times long ago revealed the story of Obama’s Tuesday kill-list sessions, not because they wanted to expose his killer character, but to drive the U.S. population to accept it—to belittle themselves by tolerating a mass killer as their president, without protest.

EIR is releasing a dossier this week entitled “Obama and Soros Color Revolutions—Nazi Coup in Ukraine, 2014—U.S.A., 2017?” Feb. 21-22 is the third anniversary of Obama’s overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014, in a violent mob action directly funded and directed by Obama and his personal agent to the region, Victoria Nuland. The riots, centered in the Maidan central square, featured molotov cocktail attacks on police and government buildings, led by organizations openly promoting Stepan Bandera, Adolf Hitler’s Ukrainian Nazi partner.

The EIR dossier demonstrates that Barack Obama, with his sponsor George Soros and other British and U.S. “Project Democracy” agents, are now turning their “color revolution” fire on the United States itself—and for the same reason: the British Empire refused to allow Western Europe and Russia to work together for peace and development, and therefore ran an anti-Russia coup by old line Nazis in Ukraine, to refuel the old Nazi hatred of Russia. So also in the U.S.: the Obama gang is making the incredibly pathetic effort to convince Americans that President Trump has committed a crime by wanting to prevent a war with Russia, and to instead work with Russia—and China and India and Japan—to bring peace and development to the world, including to the U.S. While there are dupes in the U.S. who will swallow such garbage, the majority of the population is in a state of revolt against such psychotic nonsense, be it from the politicians or from the media.

Obama and Hillary Clinton had brought the world to the very edge of thermonuclear war with Russia. That danger has been dramatically curtailed by Rodham Clinton’s defeat. And yet, the Obama/Soros gang is calling for the impeachment or criminal prosecution of Trump, who is making peace with Russia, claiming that it is dangerous for Trump to have “his finger on the nuclear button”!

Ending this ugly irony requires that Obama be brought to justice. His multiple crimes as president are now compounded by his overt campaign to overthrow the government of the United States of America—an overt act of treason.

Obama so loved the British Queen and the British system, that he served as its loyal asset in restoring the subservience of the former British colony to the British System—monetarism and colonial wars. Today, the Financial Times, the voice of the City of London and Wall Street financial oligarchy, calls openly for a violent insurrection against the upstart President, who is threatening to end the British Empire’s “divide and conquer” division of the world. The FT bureau chief in Washington, Edward Luce, warns that if Trump is not taken down, he will take down “the system.”

Indeed he might, and so be it. Trump has argued that the U.S. accept the proposals from Putin—that we work hand in hand to defeat terrorism—and from Xi Jinping—to join the New Silk Road process for global development. For Trump to live up to that commitment would mean the end of Empire. It is the responsibility of an inspired population to bring about that beautiful result, and that inspiration is best expressed by the fifty years of leadership from Lyndon LaRouche. This is our moment, if we take it, to bring about what Helga Zepp-LaRouche has called the “adulthood” of humanity.


Trump Takes Moral High Ground: Turns CIA ‘Torture Report’ Over to Court

Feb. 20 (EIRNS)—Proving once again that he has what Obama lacks in the morals department, President Trump has turned a complete copy of the still-classified 6,778-page “Committee Study of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program” (the “Torture Report”) over to the Second Circuit Court. This was in response to filings of briefs by lawyers involved in court proceedings of two Guantanamo Prison inmates.

The report, finalized in December 2014 by the Senate Intelligence Committee under leadership of Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), remains classified, with only a 600-page redacted summary having been released. Upon completion, Feinstein saw to it that unredacted copies of the full report were sent to the Pentagon, the Justice Department, the White House and the CIA (and possibly others). In a now-famous “mishap,” the CIA’s copy was destroyed—an incident not revealed until a year later—in August 2015. The incoming head (January 2015) of the Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr (R-NC), vowed to “repossess” any remaining copies, and destroy them. Obama’s Just Department issued an order to ban even the in-house reading of the document, keeping it beyond reach of even Freedom of Information Act requests.

In the induced paranoia following the election in November, 2016, Feinstein issued a public call to Obama to declassify the report in the two months remaining in his term. Well, while the lame duck obviously did not have what it takes to “do the right thing”—the court’s order to preserve the document was issued on Dec. 29, 2016—it seems that he did have the gumption to squirrel away the sole White House copy for his personal library. The copy Trump gave the court on Feb. 10, came from the Department of Justice, and is possibly the sole surviving complete copy of the report.

Financial Times Calls for Ousting Trump To Save ‘The System’

Feb. 20 (EIRNS)—Demonstrating once again that the British are controlling the Obama/Soros color revolution against the U.S. government, the former Financial Times bureau chief in Washington, Edward Luce (who is still in Washington), penned an open call for a violent insurrection against the U.S. government, or, he warned, Trump may bring “the system” down.

“Either the forces that are against the President will bring him down,” Luce writes, “or he will destroy the system. My bet is on the first.”

He notes that Trump has “declared war on the intelligence agencies and the media,” as if this is a horrible thing. “Do not be reassured by Mr. Trump’s cabinet. Many of them are experienced individuals,” he admits, but claims they will soon be leaving because they will be “humiliated” by Trump’s leadership.

“I fear it is only a matter of time before this results in violence,” he writes. “It is hard to predict how long it would take to resolve the battle between Mr. Trump and the so-called deep state. It is also hard to say how long a Republican Congress could stand the heat…. At some point this will boil down to a choice between Mr. Trump and the U.S. Constitution.”

People should note the irony of an Oxford-trained British intelligence agent pretending to defend the U.S. Constitution—rich, indeed.

Iran’s Zarif Calls for ‘Cognitive Transition … Commensurate with Realities of the Global Transition’

Feb. 20 (EIRNS)—Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in his remarks to the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 19, condemned certain countries for trying to endanger other countries for their own safety, stressing that ensuring security at the expense of the insecurity of others is “unrealistic” and “absurd,” in the words of Tasnim News Agency. More interestingly, Zarif said that what is “urgently needed” today is a “cognitive transition” which is “commensurate with the realities of the global transition.”

Among the things that we have to realize, he said, is that “in a globalized world, achieving security at the expense of insecurity of others is an unrealistic—even absurd—proposition.” He said that no single, or even a concert of powers, no matter how powerful, “can address global or regional challenges by excluding or blaming others.” He pointed out that “the nightmare of extremist violence and terror in West Asia is neither solely the product of the dynamics in this region, nor can it be contained, as we have all seen within the region.”

While finger pointing is easy, “the first necessary step in addressing the challenge is to redefine the problem in way that is conducive to a collective solution,” Zarif said. The lack of hope is central to the crisis, but so is “the endemic problem of foreign invasion and occupation; starting with Palestine and compounded by the systematic political and military interventions to preserve, perpetuate, and then reshape the regional architecture and hastily usher in a self-acclaimed ‘new world order.’ ”

Towards the end of his remarks, Zarif pointed to recent efforts by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani “to surmount the current state of division and tension and instead move in the direction of erecting realistic regional arrangements” as indicated by his trip, last week, to Kuwait and Oman. “The historic success of diplomacy over coercion in the resolution of the Iranian nuclear crisis reflects a simple but important political lesson: all parties concerned defined the problem in a mutually acceptable way that was amenable to a mutually acceptable solution. In other words, they recognized that they had to give up their maximalist expectations in favor of a working compromise,” he said. The first challenge, therefore, “is first and foremost cognitive in essence,” he concluded.

It is of note that Zarif shared the panel with Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al Jubeir, both of whom preferred to be reactionary rather than taking Zarif’s advice to be cognitive. Al-Jubeir, claimed that the Iranians “stepped up the tempo of their mischief” during the negotiations on the nuclear deal and have continued to do so since then. Lieberman spoke similarly, claiming that there are three challenges facing the region: “Iran, Iran and Iran.” U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), representing the anti-Iran current in the U.S., demanded more sanctions be imposed on Iran because, he claimed, they’re trying to build a nuclear weapon. “[I]f they say they haven’t, they’re lying,” he ranted.


Russian Lawmaker Expects Great Improvement in Cooperation with Trump in War on Terror

Feb. 20 (EIRNS)—After eight years of disastrous relations between Russia and the U.S. under Barack Obama, Russia expects real cooperation with U.S. President Donald Trump in the fight against international terrorism.

Chairman of the Russian State Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Shamanov said at a meeting with foreign military attachés accredited in Russia, reported TASS: “International terrorism is like a system of communicating vessels, if you cut one head of the beast, two new heads grow, so neither a country nor a group of countries is capable of defeating it on its own. As people say, the entire world needs to unite to tackle this issue. This is why we look forward to meaningful cooperation with U.S. President Trump and the new leaders of the main European countries, who are soon to be elected,” said Shamanov, a Hero of Russia, who holds the rank of colonel general in the Russian military.

By contrast he said, “Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama and his team reached ‘fantastic’ results during his eight years in office, actually taking relations between the West and our country to their lowest level in years, actually to a freezing point.”

U.S. Backs Role of Turkey, Russia in Syria Cease-Fire

Feb. 20 (EIRNS)—U.S. Presidential Special Envoy Brett McGurk said that Russia and Turkey are suitable Syrian cease-fire guarantors. Serving as the top U.S. envoy to the U.S. anti-Daesh coalition, McGurk underlined Washington’s full support for Turkey’s efforts, and its discussions with Russia. He was speaking at a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 19. He also essentially accused the Obama Administration with failing to carry out its commitments in Syrian ceasefire arrangements worked out between the U.S. and Russia in the past.

“One of the reasons that process did not succeed as we had hoped is frankly because we were guarantor and Russia was a guarantor. It turns out when the U.S. is a guarantor, we don’t have people on the ground, we became a bit of a ping-pong ball to try the control the situation,” he said.

“Turkey and Russia are suitable guarantors and we are looking for a role that the U.S. can come in to help to reinforce that process through Astana,” he said.

McGurk said the Astana process is not an alternative to UN-led peace talks in Geneva for a political solution to the conflict in Syria.  “The Astana process is about the mechanics of the cease-fire and making sure we continue to de-escalate the violence. The Geneva process through UN Security Council resolution 2254 is the locus of the political process and leading ultimately to the political transition. I think we have to keep those parallel tracks, while they are mutually reinforcing,” he said.

McGurk is a holdover from the Obama Administration where he was assistant to Gen. John Allen and replaced him when Allen resigned as Presidential Envoy to the Anti-Daesh coalition. He also served in the G.W. Bush administration.


Kazakhstan’s Khorgos Gateway Project: New Cities ‘Come to Life’ along New Silk Road

Feb. 20 (EIRNS)—Forbes contributor Wade Shepard’s latest article on New Silk Road projects, focused on the advances in the Khorgos Gateway project on the Kazakhstan-China border in only two years, shows how quickly ideas can change economic geography.

In 2010, before Kazakhstan took the decision to build a major dry port along the New Silk Road at Khorgos, there was nothing but sand dunes. When Shepard visited Khorgos in May 2015, “the city amounted to a string of three or four sad shacks”; no trains had yet passed through; and warehousing and manufacturing operations had not even been commissioned.

What existed was the concept that the new city could transform Kazakhstan’s relationship to the world as a whole. As Karl Gheysen, the first CEO of the dry port, explained to Shepard: “Kazakhstan is coming from a landlocked country and is becoming the most linked-in country on the whole continent. If you take Russia, the largest country; China, the largest economy; India, one of the largest populations, and you put these three together, right in the middle is Kazakhstan. It’s this place.”

Upon Shepard’s return this month, the empty space where the sad shacks were “is a place called Nurkent, and is occupied by row upon row of various styles of housing, with two large yellow apartment complexes rising in the background. Two thousand people now live there full time; there are shops; there is a school.”

Wade watched containers being transferred by huge cranes from one train to another; around 65 trains a month now pass through the Khorgos Gateway center, carrying 6,200 TEU in cargo, a step towards the half-million TEU a year projected at full capacity. The site for the huge Special Economic Zone for manufacturing and warehousing has been cleared and readied, and officially commenced operation in December 2016.

Across the border, China is building the companion city of Horgos. Started in 2014, “Horgos is now growing fast, with seas of new high-rises sprouting from the sand dunes as a small remote village is turned into a city by all-out fiat.”

Mexico Discusses Turn to China

Feb. 20 (EIRNS)—Mexico’s Ambassador to China from 2001-2007 Sergio Ley López, argued in an op-ed in El Universal yesterday that China offers Mexico the only sufficient economic opportunity it urgently requires to diversify the overwhelming dependence on the U.S. economy created by NAFTA. The Ambassador’s argument was endorsed by the daily in its editorial the same day, which wrote that the upcoming meeting of the Permanent Mexico-China Binational Committee in Beijing (no date yet set) provides the opportunity to turn towards China as Mexico’s “new ally.”

Under NAFTA, Mexico developed “a brutal dependence on the U.S. market,” where 81% of it exports go to the U.S., Ambassador Ley López wrote. The crisis created by President Trump’s upending of NAFTA, must be taken as an opportunity. Mexico’s Ibero-American markets are not large enough to absorb our exports; the European Union is in a political, social and financial crisis difficult to solve; India is an interesting market, but much work is needed before that is an opportunity. “In this context, it is important to turn our sights on China, the second largest economy in the world and our second trading partner which has extended us a hand, and it is time to take it, firmly, with decision, commitment and boldness.”

China is awaiting “a concrete, precise and audacious proposal” for how Mexico intends to reposition itself economically and geopolitically with China as its ally. The Ambassador reiterated (he has been actively pushing this strategy for some time) that China’s lifting more than 500 million people out of extreme poverty is without precedence, on the basis of creating jobs, not welfare handouts, creating thereby an enormous domestic market. Mexico can learn from this.


Cooperation with Europe Brings U.S.A. Closer To the Moon

Feb. 20 (EIRNS)—At a Feb. 16 seminar on manned space missions of the near future, sponsored by Airbus Industries and other space-tech producers in Bremen, Germany, prominent reference was made to the upcoming Orion mission of NASA, to which ESA is contributing the service module. If the planned schedule holds (which many doubt, however, because of unresolved technical problems on both sides), the first, unmanned Orion mission will be launched into Moon orbit sometime in 2018, and if everything works well, a second mission, this one a manned, for a permanent orbital operation, will be launched in 2021. Here, too, ESA contributes the service module, the €390 million contract for which was signed by ESA and Airbus Industries with NASA at the Bremen event.

For ESA Director Jan Woerner and ESA chief coordinator of manned missions Thomas Reiter (both from Germany), the Orion mission is a bigger step towards establishing a permanent human presence on the lunar surface, the “Moon Village,” which in the view of Woerner should be done in international cooperation, notably with Russia and China. Discussion about the project has been going on for some time, but at its recent top-level decided on initial funding of it.


Cannibalism Promotion Project Unleashed by a Dying Empire

Feb. 20 (EIRNS)—The same media crying war against President Donald Trump for threatening “our system,” are currently competing to see which publishes the most disgusting promotional of human cannibalism. The pretext for this effort to drive their readers into joining them in the depths of their depravity, is the publication of a new book, released this week, by a zoologist named Bill Schutt, titled Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History. His thesis: Animals eat each other; humans have done so, too, throughout history and cultures. Schutt wants you to get used to the idea, because he foresees a coming explosion of humans eating humans on an epic scale, under the conditions of famine and overpopulation which he argues “climate change” will bring.

The New York Times coverage suffices to get the flavor of this campaign:

“Cannibalism is a jolly book, written in a breezy style, but the research behind it is impressive,” wrote New York Times reviewer Sy Montgomery on Jan. 31. “You might think a book on cannibalism would be upsetting,” he concluded; but this one is “refreshing. Cannibalism, in fact, restores my faith in humanity: It’s good to know that, as regards this particular behavior, at least, people are no more horrifying than, or as splendidly surprising as, any other species out there.”

Schutt, an expert in vampire bats who uses @draculae as his twitter identification, is simply an appendage (albeit a sick one), of the British oligarchic system, which coldly justifies mass murder, if that is required to save their monetarist system. Thus, it is no surprise to find that Schutt is a research associate at the American Museum of Natural History, that bastion of man-is-nothing-but-an-animal outlook infamous, among other crimes, for hosting Averell Harriman’s and William Draper’s 1932 International Congress of Eugenics promoting Hitler and eugenics.

And the political elites fail to understand why the American people are in revolt against this media?

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