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          FEBRUARY, 2017    1 FED RESERVE NOTE


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NY Times: Raid in Yemen: Risky From the Start and Costly in the End

NY Times: Trump’s U.N. Envoy, Nikki Haley, Condemns Russian Aggression in Ukraine

NY Times: Trump Puts Iran ‘on Notice’ After Ballistic Missile Test

NY Times: Defense Chief James Mattis Warns North Korea Against Any Attack on the U.S. or its Allies


What the frickety-frack is going on here?! Is Orange Man suddenly taking secret marching orders from Dickhead Cheney and Congosleaza Rice or something? The span of just the past 36 hours of this writing has witnessed National Security Advisor Mike Flynn putting Iran “on notice,” and an attack on Yemen that resulted in the death of one commando and an undetermined number of innocent Yemeni civilians, and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley declaring that sanctions against Russia will not be removed until Russia hands Crimea back to the criminal state of Ukraine, and Secretary of Offense James “Mad Dog” Mattis hurling threats of an effective and overwhelming” response in the imaginary event of North Korean aggression.

Who let the dogs out, indeed?! This is madness. Not only does this smell like the same type of endless and aggressive intervention that Obongo-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Reagan-Carter et al had mired America in for decades past, but in each case, Orange Man‘s operatives are aligning with the “bad guys” against the innocent. Consider:

  • Iran is not the threat to the peace of the region. Israel is.
  • The independence-seeking Houthis did not start the war in Yemen. The Israeli-aligned Saudis did.
  • The Russians did not start the fires in Crimea and the Donbass region. The US-Israeli backed gangsters who took over Ukraine did.
  • The isolationist North Koreans do not want to pick a fight. The US and its South Korean vassals do.

General Flynn (Image 1) and General (now Secretary of Offense) Mattis (Image 2) both want to harass or even fight the peaceful nation of Iran.

3- Orange Man‘s new CIA Chief, Mike Pompeo is one of those Zionist-Christian rapture bunny nut-jobs — an extreme anti-Muslim bigot who also hates Iran with a not-so-“Christian” passion. That’s him in Jerusalem.


From the article about the Flynn comments:

“As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice,” said Michael T. Flynn, the national security adviser, making his debut in the White House briefing room to read a terse statement that was almost as critical of the Obama administration as it was of Iran.”

“On notice?” For what? Who the heck are you, Flynn? Please Mr. Orange Man. Tell us that this ass-clown wasn’t speaking with your blessing? Please?


Image result for trump tweet iran on notice


The combed-over clown then followed up with another of his now tiresome “tweets” —

“Iran was on its last legs and ready to collapse until the U.S. came along and gave it a life-line in the form of the Iran Deal: $150 billion.”

Why should we want to cause so much suffering to the innocent people of Iran by “collapsing” their economy? And actually, Orange Man, for your information, Iran was not “collapsing.” And finally, the $150 Billion was rightfully Iran’s money, just unfrozen.
Make America Fight Again



The article about the Yemeni raid describes the decision-making process and the horrible consequences:

“With two of his closest advisers, Jared Kushner and Stephen K. Bannon, joining the dinner at the White House along with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., Mr. Trump approved sending in the Navy’s SEAL Team 6…

 Vice President Mike Pence and Michael T. Flynn, the national security adviser, also attended the dinner.As it turned out, almost everything that could go wrong did.  And on Wednesday, Mr. Trump flew to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to be present as the body of the American commando killed in the raid was returned home, the first military death on the new commander in chief’s watch.

The raid also destroyed much of the village of Yakla, and left senior Yemeni government officials seething. Yemen’s foreign minister, Abdul Malik Al Mekhlafi, condemned the raid on Monday in a post on his official Twitter account as “extrajudicial killings.”

Congratulations OM. You are now officially a member of the distinguished Presidential Murderers Club. Are you proud of having signed the order which blew up of a village, killed a handful of women and children, created a new batch of traumatized Yemeni refugees — all as you cracked jokes  at a prayer breakfast? Same sick and twisted stuff Obongo and Bush used to get away with. Orange Man has shed innocent blood and no amount of entertaining liberal-bashing or wall-building can fully compensate for that — at least not in our eyes and souls.

1 & 2 – Similar to the heroic Hezbollah fighters of Lebanon, the Houthis (said to be backed by Iran) are a religious-political movement that condemns what it calls “the US-Israeli conspiracy with Arab collusion.” They now control parts of Yemen, but both Israel and the Globalists want the tenacious Houthis crushed. Their Saudi partners have not been able to do so. This is why Orange Man‘s travel ban to “stop terrorists” includes Yemen, but not Saudi Arabia.

3 – US Navy SEAL William Owens — sent to his death in Yemen by Orange Man, Mad Bannon and sonny-boy Kosher Kushner. Many more to follow?


ABC News / 02/01/2017

“The White House also faulted Iran for backing Houthi rebels in Yemen who on Tuesday claimed a successful missile strike against a warship belonging to a Saudi-led coalition fighting to reinstall Yemen’s internationally recognized government.” (here)


REUTERS / 12 /03 /2017

“WASHINGTON:The United States has sent a Navy destroyer to patrol off the coast of Yemen to protect waterways from Houthi militia aligned with Iran, two U.S. officials told Reuters on Friday, amid heightened tension between Washington and Tehran.” (here)


As for “Mad Dog” Mattis’s ugly threats toward North Korea – which only seeks to be left alone by the US and its South Korean stooge – this too serves the agenda of Israel. You see, the Zionists consider N. Korea an enemy state because it sells advanced technology to Syria and Iran. For its part, North Korea refuses to even acknowledge Israel as a state! That is why a nation so many thousands of miles from the Middle East was branded as a member of the “Axis of Evil” by George Bush 43, and it is also why the Zionists around Orange Man are already talking nonsense about “protecting Japan and South Korea.” Syrian Reactor Before After.jpg

1- For the sake of Israel, Orange Man‘s mad gang is threatening the far eastern member of Bush and Cheney’s “Axis of Evil.”

2- 2007: Operation Orchard, Syria: The terrorist state of Israel bombed and destroyed an alleged nuclear reactor in Syria. Among the dozens killed were 10 North Korean scientists.


And finally, from the article about Haley’s belligerent attitude toward Russia:

“The dire situation in eastern Ukraine is one that demands clear and strong condemnation of Russian actions.”

Perhaps, in this particular case, Haley is singing her own tune and not Trump’s. Perhaps. But the threats against Iran and the attacks against areas of Yemen (carried out under the pretext of “fighting terrorism” TM) are inexcusable and benefit only one group — the Israel Firsters, represented in the high levels of the OM administration by Stephen Bannon of Israeli-controlled Not-So-Bright-Bart News, and Orthodox Jew son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Satanyahu will be visiting Orange Man and Kosher Kushner next week. Expect sanctions against Iran to be coming soon, and expect more blood and guts in Yemen. If this is the path that OM and is going to lead us down, then the months and years ahead could be every bit as dangerous as what Killary had in store for us. Because if OM, Bannon and Kushner believe that Russia, and China, will stand down and allow Iran to fall, then they are badly mistaken. But Bannon probably knows this, which would explain why the plotting “alt right” scumbag said on a radio show, just last year:

We’re going to war in the South China Sea in five to 10 years. There’s no doubt about that. They’re taking their sandbars and making basically stationary aircraft carriers and putting missiles on those. They come here to the United States in front of our face – and you understand how important face is – and say it’s an ancient territorial sea.

“You have an expansionist Islam and you have an expansionist China. Right? They are motivated. They’re arrogant. They’re on the march. And they think the Judeo-Christian west is on the retreat.”  (here)

Boys and girls, “youse guys” know how fair and patient that Sugar and I, er, The Editorial Board of The Anti-New York Times has been with regard to objectively evaluating the “pluses” and “minuses” of Orange Man. It is with heavy hearts that we now say that the Israel Firster faction of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) recruited and put Orange Man in office for the purpose of containing Iran so that the Greater Israel project could move forward unopposed. And we therefore forecast (with 70% certainty) that OM’s foreign policy debacles, among other factors beyond his control, will ultimately be the undoing of his presidency and his movement — at which time, the satisfied Zionists will discard him like a used-up lemon as they turn America’s steering wheel back to the hard-left for the final time.

1- Bannon of Breitbart News (“conceived in Israel”) is hated by the Globalists mainly because of some “conservative” positions, but also because he works for ultra-nationalist Bibi Satanyahu. In the end, Greater Israel may get what it wants and a war weary America may turn left again.

2- Bannon, Kushner and the rabid generals-turned-cabinet-heads have all got the knives out for Iran, North Korea and the Houthis of Yemen.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today’s New York Times about the challenges that Trump is already facing with Iran and in Yemen.

Boobus Americanus 2: Adversaries always test a new President. 

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