Petition to Sign: Keep Steven Mnuchin OUT of Treasury Dept (Keep Fox OUT of Hen House!)

Keep Steven Mnuchin, the “Foreclosure King,” out of the Treasury Department

To be delivered to The United States Senate

Multi-millionaire Steven Mnuchin is a former Goldman Sachs banker, hedge fund manager, and a foreclosure king who kicked more than 36,000 families out of their homes. He has no place running the U.S. Treasury Department.
There are currently 6,767 signatures. NEW goal – We need 7,500 signatures!


As the chief executive of OneWest bank, Steven Mnuchin executed tens of thousands of foreclosures, which were particularly concentrated in minority communities. He received taxpayer bailout funding and special government support to purchase OneWest based on agreeing that his bank would make its “best efforts” to restructure loans and avoid throwing families out of their homes. But Mr. Mnuchin did not make such efforts. Instead, OneWest was quick to evict families from their homes in order to increase profits and even broke the law to do so.

The practices of OneWest’s reverse mortgage subsidiary, Financial Freedom, are also disturbing. Reverse mortgage products, marketed to the elderly as a way for them to tap home equity, are supposed to include protections against eviction so long as borrowers continue to live in their primary residences. But Financial Freedom engaged in aggressively predatory practices that led to over sixteen thousand foreclosures. Elderly individuals who had recently suffered the death of a spouse were most likely to be victimized. In one case Financial Freedom attempted to evict a 90-year-old woman from her home over a 27 cent error on an insurance payment.

Confirming Steven Mnuchin would put the Senate’s seal of approval on predatory financial practices that devastate ordinary American families. We urge you to vote against his confirmation.

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