Kind of? Sort Of??? Looks Like Outright Theft by Zionist Federal Reserve the Synagogue of Satan Who Call Themselves Jews But are Not Described by Jesus!

$9 trillion missing from the Federal Reserve (Video)by Sabba


SOTT – The Federal Reserve has kinda, sorta misplaced $9,000,000,000,000 as shown by a recent video surfaced on you tube (see video below). Your tax money is being stolen. No one at the federal reserve is keeping track of what happened to 9 trillion dollars. CONTINUE READING

My Comment:  Tired of this Mafia running my country and robbing us blind and get these KHAZARS out of politics & media!  This “Jewish”  actually Khazarian Mafia was mentioned in the Godfather as being MORE powerful than the Italian mafia.   They were shown on Oprah as the Devil Worshippers they really are:  Search Vicki ….devil worship…Oprah

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