If All These Hatemongers Hate Trump He Must Be Doing Something Right

Neither Rabbi Marvin Hier, nor Any Rabbi, Should Bless Donald Trump at His Inauguration

by MG editor


It is not an honor for Rabbi Hier or for Judaism to be associated with Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric or his inauguration. It is a disgrace.

ed note–Again, at the risk of over-repeating it, if indeed–as certain self-anointed ‘experts’ within the ‘truth movement’ have claimed–that Trump is ‘owned by the Jews’, WHY then the organized screeching campaign, both on the right and the left within organized Jewry?

Despite this glaring question, as well as the fact that it has been asked–at least on this website–hundreds of times over the course of the last year, the ‘experts’ to this very day fail to consider or answer the question, except to resort with the usual chirping of ‘TRUMP’S DAUGHTER CONVERTED TO JUDAISM!!! ‘TRUMP’S DAUGHTER CONVERTED TO JUDAISM!!! ‘TRUMP’S DAUGHTER CONVERTED TO JUDAISM!!!   

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