Horrific Vaccination Crime Against a Baby-Murder! (Zionists Largely Involved in Industry)

4-Month-Old Baby Donates Organs After Receiving 7 Vaccine Doses

Posted: 07 Jan 2017 07:00 PM PST

Parents in Wisconsin are grieving over the loss of their infant son following routine vaccinations.

Less than one day after receiving seven vaccine doses at his four-month baby checkup, Zaire Corvell Thomas went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing in his sleep. His mother and emergency responders helped save him.

Once at the hospital, Zaire was put on life support. Within twelve hours, his parents were being pressured to donate his organs. Zaire was hardly given a chance to recover when his beating heart and liver were taken from his living body four days later.

Prior to this happening, Zaire’s mother thought vaccines were safe and was an organ donor. She no longer feels this way and asks parents to please research vaccines before allowing your child to get injected with what is in them.

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