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This page is dedicated to all the haters, reactionaries, Nazis, anti-communists, Trotskyites, internet trolls and other assorted charlatans that I have to put up with on a regular basis. This will stand as a shrine to the most offensive, trollish, ridiculous and overall idiotic emails, comments and letters I’ve received.

es hate mail

From “siyuyang@live.com”:

Tagline: Comments about your website


My comment: I just couldn’t help but be moved by this riveting critique of the content my website to the point where I cannot argue with the depth and breadth of this person’s commentary and wisdom in all things. Also fuck him, too.

From “Druneweng1@aol.com”:



My comment: I love it when people try to guess my “race.” What I don’t love is when people think caps lock is cruise control for cool.

From “Really@yahoo.com”:

Comment on “Native American Genocide”:

Speaking of hyprocrisy…if the modern Native Americans would get off the tit of the U.S. big gov’t and off the publicdole and OFF the reservations your indignation would be more believable. I’ve never seen a bigger bigot than someone of ‘color’ towards a white person.

My commentYeah, damn those Native Americans for setting up reservations and then leeching off the government! Damn those people of color who lynch white folks and discriminate against them in housing and employment!

From “notigolubovic@gmail.com”:

Comment on “Chetnik Collaboration and Genocide”:

I am sorry but what were the concentration camps that Chetniks had? You are talking of killings in 1943 which probably did take place as the people organised after the genocide committed upon them by the joint muslim – croat forces. Up to 1 million Serbs were killed across Croatia and Bosnia in the most horrific crimes recorded. So you are talkiing of 9000 victims of Chetniks? How dare you! If you want to look at genocide go and examine the jasenovac, Jadovno etc. numerous mass graves and concentration camps across Croatia . You can’t compare the two of them. Shame on you whoever you are. Look at the real facts.

My commentApparently if Serb nationalist monarchist guerrillas didn’t have concentration camps, they couldn’t possibly have committed acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing. Please note this doesn’t apply to other genocides such as Suharto’s purge in Indonesia or his killing of 1/3 of East Timor’s population, because no camps. I’m sure they will rejoice at the news.

From “d_marah@hotmail.co.uk”:

Comment on “Marxism & Bourgeois Nationalism”:

welcoming in the Americans and Brits wasn’t a blunder by the ICP, it was perfectly consistent with their counter-revolutionary revisionist nature. Saddam Hussein wasn’t a national bourgeois, he was a proletarian hero of Iraq and the whole Arab nation. he openly described Lenin as his main political influence, made Iraq into an industrialised state with some of the highest living standards in the middle east and the third world, protected Iraq’s Christian and Jewish minorities and, unlike Syria, Iran or Turkey, gave Iraq’s Kurdish population their rightful national and cultural autonomy, and never sold out to imperialism, be it American, British, Israeli or Persian.

it was the ICP on the other hand who spent 1958-1963 propping up the pro-British comprador bourgeois military dictator Karim Qasim, carried out pogroms against Baathists and even many civilian supporters of the Baath party, put up large-scale resistance as the article says itself to the Ramadan revolution which, even if it ended up only resulting in Aref’s corrupt national bourgeois regime, at least nationalised Iraq’s banking system as well as several industries, accepted the Baath Party’s invitation to join the National Progressive Front only to then try subvert the Iraqi revolution from within in the same manner as the Trotskyite and Zinovievite wreckers in the USSR during comrade Stalin’s leadership, supported and fought side by side with Barzani and his feudal separatists, supported Khomeini and his neo-Persian imperialist regime during the Iran-Iraq war etc.

I don’t agree with the part about Iran and the Iraqi resistance either. so psychopathic sectarian mass-murderers like Moqtada al-Sadr and the ruling Dawa Party are the “Iraqi resistance” now are they? it’s Iran who more than any other country helped America to defeat the resistance if anything

My commentYou know, I was going to actually try to break down and analyze everything this person said. I really was. But honestly, what can really be said about this? When you’ve got a guy who calls CIA-backed social-fascist and famed commie-killer Saddam Hussein a “proletarian hero for the Arab nation” and then proceeds to claim he gave Kurds their national and cultural autonomy, what are I supposed to respond with? You don’t switch over to the Oxford Debate Club rules and say “Ha-HA! I beg to differ, sir! Here is my comprehensive rebuttal to your claims!”

From demi@mac.com:

Oh man.. Stalin killed my grandfather, great uncle, put in jail my great aunt etc. They all were communists plus faithful to him.

My comment: Nearly every person you meet on the internet claims to have some relative who lived under communism or even to have experienced communism themselves, even if they’re too young. Putting that aside, is it at all possible they weren’t so loyal?

From mtyas_salvador@yahoo.com:

enver hoxa lovers are back!!

My comment: You’re goddamned right. Well, your spelling isn’t.

From Tecumseh@America.org:

Comment on “Native American Genocide”

Excellent post. It’s just incredibly unfortunate and ironic that it appears in a forum advocating for a Stalinist regime. Stalin was a tyrant and genocidal murderer himself.

My comment: He certainly left the Soviet people better off than the American government left the Native peoples.

From “Captain Save a Hoe” at “Deez@nuts.com”:

Comment on “Native American Genocide”

Good God, the free ride is over. Canadian’ s spend billions on Native Canadians every year. How these people don’t make anything of themselves is beyond me. If you wanna point the finger at anyone, point it at the chiefs. Enough abusing the hard working Canadian tax payer. If you don’t like it, go live back in the woods.

My comment:

From “Ralph”:

Just noticed that one of the images you have chosen to feature in your sidebar combines the text ‘Fuck Israel’ with a swastika. That you think this is OK tells me all I need to know about you. Scum.

My comment:

From “Gopo”:

You, sir, are scum of the worst kind. Another useful idiot, which sings about the wonders of communism, without having seen communism in the face anytime. I have seen communism ; it made me and my family desperately poor, stole our house and threw us into a shitty urban ghetto. I am glad everyday that it crashed, that it found its rightful place : the trash heap. Where you and the rest of the useful idiots are heading.

My comment:

From “mek pok”:

Had Karl Marx ever described the pivotal columns which uphold a capitalist system? and how a based working class which is controlled by capitalistic and greedy rightist union chefs can achieve all of his following declarations?

you have the fbi, cointelpro, the police, the green berets, the gorillas, the blackwater, the asteroids etc…the cia, the invasions, nato, the un, the terrorrists etc….the global murders by the international banks, communism, colonialism…all bunch of blood suckers, killers and criminals destroying humanity and life on Earth.

My comment: LOL WAT?

From “Judson Mcalevy”:

May Day is a National Communist Holiday and millions showed up in Havana to listen to Fidel Castro mirroring the illegal alien protest marchers in the United States of America, as Castro condemned the American Government. While the United States Congress and the United States Senate cave into the demands of the protesters and boycott participants. Fidel Castro the Communist Dictator of Cuba who promised government reform for the peasants, instead took over the country for himself after over throwing the government. He says he sees the start of the same movement in the United States and is so very proud of all the protestors in the United States of America on this historic May Day Communist Holiday

My comment:

From “Hector De La Torre”:

Talk to me about the U.S.S.R and Chinese genocides please.

My comment:

From “a” on the page “The Slave Trade and Black Genocide”:

I am speaking to no one except,all the white people in America and Europe who have been murdered robbed and raped by blacks.im talking to no one except the white south African genocide,i can speak to no one except all the destruction black males do all over the world poaching,piracey,pimping,
and leaving a wake of garbage and destruction for whites to clean up.i speak to no one except radical islam in Africa.fuk off niggr.

My comment:

From “Benn”:

Facebook & internet socialism the revolution in cyberspace. Great work, I’m sure marx would be proud.

My commentSeeing Marxists around the world communicating with near-instantaneous speed? Yeah, he probably would be proud.

From “P. Bachman”:

How about the Ukrainian famine in the USSR? Wasn’t that a holocaust too? Seven million or more ware killed by Stalin! You are sooo very hypocritical.

My comment:

From “Chetnik666” on the page “Albanian Genocide”:

I wish more shiptars died… child-killing garbage! I wish God never created such a pathetic pile of filth!

My comment:

From “Me” on the page “Fascist Croatia”:

YOU must be Serbian and where did you collect evil work to promote hate, So sad how devil use people and past to destroy peace sad ,sad, sad .
If you spend this much time teaching peace and love life would be in side you , but you do darkness and that is death…..

My comment:

From “Lou Cifer”:

WOW……….. What a bullshit and racist site this is !!!! OMG people spill BS about slavery and genocide and all with no facts !!! Get it right assbags, Slavery was started in africa when smarter blacks started selling and trading dumber blacks for food and tools and other goods, SO the only part white people had in it was we improved the trading system for the blacks, like we do with everything for you dumb smelly animals !!! Where do you think afiritve action comes from ? white people feeling bad for the stupid monkeys so we give them jobs when they only get a 37 on a test and a white man gets a 97 !!!! Sounds fair right ??? I never used to be racist but after dealing with so many thieving lowlife blacks that go out of their way to rob, steel, and cheat, and also always want what they haven’t earned !!!! And then when the littlest thing happens they all play the race card like they are the victim !!!!
I think America and every other country would be better off without the black race !!!!!!!

My comment: Right, it’s this site that’s racist. Definitely not the guy who thinks that Africans invented slavery and who refers to black people as “dumb smelly animals” and “stupid monkeys.” That’s totally NOT RACIST. I have to say that the scenario the writer describes regarding black people getting jobs after scoring 37 on a test while a white man scores 97 would sound pretty unfair, if it weren’t for the fact that you rarely have scored tests to get jobs and the idiot who wrote this seems to have pulled this out of his ass.

From “stevieb”:

Columbus was Jewish….a “Marrano”( a Jew from Spain who ‘converted’ to Catholicism)…

There was no genocide of European Jewry–that is a fact that is easily discerned by those capable of doing proper research. The role of Jews in the dispossession and possibly genocide of native Americans is, however, well established. Furthermore, the ongoing propaganda campaign against the European Christians who created America and Canada has been pushed forward by Zionist Jews; ignoring the fact that it was the mercantile class(Jews) who were instrumental in native dispossession–just as with the Palestinians today. But it’s easy to push racist ideology if your Jewish; just blame everything on “the White Man”…

My comment: Columbus wasn’t from Spain at all, dipshit. He is believed to be Italian and apparently a new theory claims he was an exiled Polish prince. This “role of Jews” in the “possible” genocide of Native Americans is perhaps “well established” on Stormfront, but not in the real world. The main push for land came from settlers, farmers, slave owners, and later railroads. One wonders how this moron could admire “European Christian” America when it seems to have been under the thumb of Jews from the very start, if not earlier.

Also in blaming the Jews for Native dispossession, is this good European Christian actually admitting that this happened and that it was a bad thing? And who cannot see the irony of a guy who blames everything on Jews claiming that “the White Man” gets blamed for everything? They’re so happy to claim credit for every positive thing done by a European, but everything bad gets blamed on the Jews.

From “stevieb” on the page “Native American Genocide”:

I wondered if you had any inclination to examine Native American instances of ‘genocide’ against other tribes? Is it possible, given the times and the nature of indigenous tribes several hundred years ago, that genocidal warfare was not uncommon between warring tribes?

What would that at about the nature of native people’s? They’re just like us?

I simply point out some of the hypocrisy in the various comments left here about “European Americans”; about what you’d expect from Zionist propagandists…

Btw…your history is based on your ethnicity–and nothing more…

My commentObviously tribal warfare happened in pre-Columbian America, but this kind of warfare was hardly genocidal. Much of it was somewhat ceremonial and it rarely led to much killing, something by no means exclusive to the Americas. The best argument one could make here is against the Aztecs, who used captives for sacrifices.

Also is this page really NOT anti-Zionist enough so as to prevent racist hate-mail writers from calling the author Zionist?

From “jacob” on the page “Native American Genocide”:

hey mabe they wouldn’t take your kids if you were a better parent idiot!!!!

My comment:

From “Keith Lard”:

Go shove a skewer up your jacksie. Commie bitch.

My comment:

From “See the truth”:

How many millions did stalin murdered? Remember, Ukrain was starved, they ate each-other’s children. And pol-pot? How many was torchered and killed by Mao? Who has a credible number of terror victims from China? How many Uyghurs were murdered, torchured and humiliated?

What you don’t want to see is that all capitalist, religious and communist leaders have one in common: the relentless and ruthless craving for power, more power and ever more power. NOTHING is enough for them.
One uses money and terror to gain and keep power. The other uses brainwashing (ideology ) and terror to gain and keep the power.

On these pages you are supporting the communist terror.

My comment“How many millions did Stalin murdered?” is now a meme.

From “Marco Fredom”:

Stalin was a true butcher and enslaved and murdered millions of people. Anna Louise Strong was deported from Russia in February of 1949. She her Communist god well but as with all her deities and idols, disciple Strong lost the Communist god she had served so well.

correction: she served her Communist god well. I left out the word “served.” BTW the people who run this site are ignorant morons.


From “foarp”:

I recently visited Albania, and I can tell you that the picture given here by Bill Bland was little more than a tissue of lies either on his part or the part of his hosts. Even in those days, the bankruptcy of Albania’s political and economic system was evident to everyone in the country – shortages were everywhere (everyone I spoke to in Albania recalled this), power-cuts were regular (again: everyone agreed o nthis, though I should note that this is still the case), factories were regularly idle due to shortages. Everyone also recalled the cruel and oppressive nature of the Hoxha regime.

Nowadays the country looks like a war-zone – the useless concrete fortifications which were built everywhere under Hoxha have crumbled and collapsed, the factories producing things that people did not want are also in ruins. It is ironic that Bland wrote this piece in 1984, because it represents a great example of the “double-think” concept described in Orwell’s famous novel of the same title.

My comment: Guy goes to Albania in the 2000’s, thinks it disproves what Bill Bland wrote while Enver Hoxha was alive. Oh, of course “everyone” he talked to “recalled” how bad it was in socialist Albania, but 40% of the Albanian population being under 24 years of age I have my doubts. Plus, unless he speaks Italian or Albanian he probably wouldn’t be talking to too many people.

From “Rational Dude”:

Stalin has been sucking Satan’s cock in hell for 60 years now. I hope he likes the taste !!!

My comment:

From “George Waite” referring to Michael Parenti:

How can this man claim to “celebrate diversity” and be anti-racist when he moved to one of the most White parts of the US (Vermont)?
People who like diversity move to diverse places. Hypocrite!

My comment: There can’t be any other rational reason for moving somewhere but racism and hypocrisy, right. It can’t have anything to do with employment, family ties, housing, etc.

From “lola”:

South Park is hilarious. It’s sad that you’re so lacking in a sense of humor that you can’t see that. Funny how you have a problem with war, but no problem with Stalin, a man who murdered tens of millions of people. What a hypocrite. Too funny. At least your blog was good for a laugh though, but realize that I’m not laughing WITH you, I’m laughing AT you.

My comment:


The rulers of this world, under Satan, are the Zionists, Khazars of old. They are the Synagogue of Satan, and it is they who formed the Bolshevik leaders (almost every leader of that bullshit ‘revolution’ was a fake Jew. You will not post this because your work is to misdirect, distort, and color truth with some lies. The ignorant and uninformed may swallow your stupid Marxist doctrines, which amount to nothing more than yet another useless, murderous religion masquerading as hope for the eternally lost; but the wise know what bullshit you are selling. You do not mention that the Bolsheviks were lead, orchestrated and financed by fake Jews. You do not mention the fact that Marx was a Satan worshipper. You need to repent and take down your rubbish website, as it is primarily built, like all human doctrines and theologies, out of lies.

My commentSo, who are the real Jews? Khazars run the world? Interesting. You made a mistake in assuming this letter wouldn’t be posted. Incoherent ranting of this sort deserves to be highlighted.

From homebuydallas on “Truth About the Falun Gong”:

The only homophobes are homosexuals themselves. Heterosexuals know that homosexuals are what they appear to be: mentally ill and physically deviant. You can try calling me a homophobe, but you should be aware that before one can be ‘phobic’ about something, they have to give that ‘something’ a kind of ‘power’ over them. People who are mentally and emotionally balanced may not like spiders but they don’t avoid them. Same thing with homosexuals. I don’t like homosexuals but I do have pity on them because they are so obviously not balanced in their brain. Could be emotional trauma as a child, bad parents who did not know how to PARENT, a physical issues such as a brain tumor, or physical abuse by a member of their sex when they were young and their brain plasticity could be seriously impaired by such abuse.

My comment“Homebuydallas” obviously doesn’t know how phobias work. People who have arachnophobia don’t merely dislike spiders and they do indeed avoid them. The whole point is that a phobia, like homophobia, is an irrational fear. In any case, it’s good to know that this random internet poster is hot on the case to find out what causes homosexuality.

From “Markwomyn”:

perusing this website and hit upon this I thought was irony, oh my, you are deluded to tout this stalin guy

My comment: “This Stalin guy.” Okay.

From “Markie S.” on “DPRK civilians admit faking papers on chemical weapons testing on humans”:

You know how many crimes he has committed the folly called ideology of communism?ave you ever heard of the Holodomor, for example? And of all the deaths caused by the socialist regimes? Stalin leave 20 million deaths, more than Hitler. There is no Palestine, Israel and Palestine, and there is the fault of the Palestinians who can not live with the Israelites.

Needless to lose my breath. Talk to a communist is like talking to a wall

My commentThere’s a “Holodomor” worldwide which kills roughly 2.5 million people yearly. All this despite the fact food is being produced more cheaply than ever. Nobody calls this genocide. I’d rather talk to a wall; it would probably be far more eloquent than Markie here.

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