Crush the British Empire For Once and All! (Symbolized by Red Dragon aka Symbol For Satan)

This editorial appears in the January 27, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Crush the British Empire
Once and for All!

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Jan. 24—Many have doubted the warning of Lyndon LaRouche, over these past 50 years, that the British Empire is still alive, and still dedicated to crushing the American System of Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt. But today those doubts have been proven to be most foolish, as the imperial lords of the City of London and the British Monarchy have declared themselves, proudly, to be intent on destroying any effort to restore the American System in the United States, their former colonies.

The Obama years proved to be the total takeover of the U.S. government by the British System. The “free trade” model of the British, which America’s Founding Fathers had fought a revolution to escape, succeeded in eliminating all of the Frankin Roosevelt regulations and restraints on Wall Street, creating a speculative bubble reaching into the mega-trillions.

The British opium war on China was superseded in evil by the British and Wall Street banks’ “Dope, Inc.,” creating the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history, while Obama refused to jail the bankers responsible for either the financial crash or the drug money laundering, and openly promoted drug legalization. Industry was dismantled under the guise of both “free trade” and the hoax that carbon was destroying the planet, all sponsored by Prince Philip’s World Wildlife Fund and related green fanatics. Space exploration and the scientific development of nuclear and fusion power were destroyed under the same British imperial model of enforced backwardness.

Perpetual, colonial wars have been waged against nations that were no threat to the United States, but were too close to Russia or China, using the British/Saudi-funded terror networks to remove governments by force. Obama and his British sponsors prepared for war with Russia and China with a massive military encirclement of both Eurasian nations.

Revive the Spirit of the War of Independence

The threat to this British control over the United States, represented by the defeat of the Obama/Hillary evil in November, has now forced the British out into the open, willing to kill to stop any chance that the Trump Administration might restore sanity. They must be stopped, and the British System destroyed, if civilization is to survive this crisis.

Look at three developments of the past months:

  • It is now known that the entire, hysterical campaign to portray Donald Trump as a Russian tool was run by “former” MI6 agent Christopher Steele, who fabricated a document so absurd that even the British assets in the U.S. intelligence community had to admit that they could not confirm any of it, despite the fact that they themselves had leaked it to the public.
  • The London Spectator published an article by BBC journalist Paul Wood on Jan. 21, titled, “Will Donald Trump Be Assassinated, Ousted in a Coup or Just Impeached?” Remember that the British have a tradition of assassinating American presidents who have stood up against the Empire—Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy.
  • A legal case has been introduced in New York accusing President Trump of breaching the Constitution by owning hotels that occasionally accept foreign govenment officials as guests—this supposedly constituting bribes and payoffs to the President. The case is being brought by “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington,” a group funded by the notorious British asset George Soros, the world’s leading public promoter of drug legalization, euthanasia, color revolutions, and operations against the Russian and Chinese governments.

Despite the Soros campaign against President Trump, whom he labeled a “would-be dictator,” an associate of Soros, Steven Mnuchin, has been chosen as Trump’s Treasury Secretary. Mnuchin worked in two hedge funds heavily funded by Soros, and worked directly for Soros Fund Management at one point. Mnuchin, in his confirmation hearing, flatly stated that he and Trump would not support the restoration of Glass-Steagall, despite the fact that Trump had pledged to restore Glass-Steagall during the campaign. The British Foreign Office in 2012 informed an American economist visiting the City of London, that passage of the Glass-Steagall legislation, then before the Congress due primarily to extensive organizing by LaRouche PAC, was a casus belli, a justification for war.

That war is now engaged. That the new American Administration will reject the British System—in favor of Glass-Steagall, of cooperation with Russia in combatting terrorism rather than overthrowing sovereign governments, and of joining with China in the New Silk Road development of the entire world—is not certain, but is definitely possible. What is required is the mobilization of the American people to acknowledge the evil of the British System and to crush it, protecting President Trump and the nation from the assault on humanity now in play from a desperate British Empire. The time is now.

We must mobilize the American people to revive the spirit of the War of Independence against the British Empire, of Lincoln’s defense of the Union, and of FDR’s fight against Wall Street. It can be done, but we need to bring to life all of the best traditions of American history. We need you.

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