Who Is the God of the Hebrew? Yahweh? Is Yahweh A Demon? Most Religions Push Madness

After UN vote, US Jewish says Obama administration must answer ‘serious questions’

by MG editor


ed note–ahhh, the typical Judaic behavior–Demands, threats, inquisitions, etc–that has been the source of all their woes, to say nothing of that seemingly endless chronic condition with which they have been forced to contend ever since Abraham and Sarah were kicked out of Egypt by the Pharaoh’s decree after learning that ol’ Abe had pulled a fast one on him–‘anti-Shemitism’.

But then, what are Jews scattered all over God’s green earth so worried about? What is the UN–a mere Gentile creation–in comparison to Yahweh, the god of the Hebrews, who demonstrated his unconditional, fawning love of his ‘chosen people’ by killing lots of Egyptians, making a total wreck of their country, parting the Red Sea and a bunch of other holy horseshit that has been shoved down the throats of humanity now for 3,000 years?

My advice to the Jewish people is to quit the kvetching and the theatrics, and just, well, ya know, like Christians often say, ‘let go, let god…’ Read more of this post

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