White Nationlists and Black Lives Matter Are Infiltrated by Judaics & Soros Funds BLM!

Swastikas, hate graffiti found throughout Long Island, NY

by MG editor


Sidewalk outside of private Nassau County home vandalized with words ‘Make America White Again’

ed note–before everyone jumps to the conclusion that this is just another example of this–


–it’s just as possible/likely that it was a case of this–

neo nazi

As we point out here on a regular basis, that the various ‘biggies’ within the WN neighborhood act as functionaries & footsoldiers in furthering along the Judaic agenda is not a matter up for consideration. They–as individuals, groups, websites, etc–are plastered all over the JMSM on an almost daily basis now and are used in dragging down into the gutter with them all intelligent forms of discussion/debate about the problem of Jewish power. Put simply, if their existence and daily activities were not beneficial to the Judaic powers that be,  they would not be getting the kind of ‘airplay’ that they do.

Having said this, while it is true that at one time we could all reasonably assume that events such as these were staged by Judaic operatives out to paint all opposition to their activities as ‘neo-nazi’, the fact is now that virtually the entirety of the White Nationalist neighborhood has been infiltrated to the point that Judaic operatives no longer have to take the risk of going out and doing things like this on their own but need only sit back and watch as various individuals frequenting websites such as Daily Stormer and Stormfront take the initiative and do it on their own, thinking that by doing so they are ‘helping the cause’. Read more of this post

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