Synagogue of Satan Controlling Amerika Insists on WW3-absolutely don’t want Russia supporting Flynn

Four Jewish Groups Join 53 Organizations Calling on Trump to Rescind Michael Flynn’s Nomination

by MG editor


J Street, Americans for Peace Now, T’ruah and the National Council of Jewish Women join drive motivated by Trump’s national security adviser’s hostility to Islam and his retweeting of an anti-Semitic tweet.

ed note–as someone who has spent more than a decade working to put out the fires of Judaically-engineered anti-Islamic hatred/propaganda, I am not thrilled with Trump’s pick of Flynn for NSA. Flynn represents the idiocy of the ‘Christian’ right who have bought into the Zionist narrative vis a vis Islam as a ‘violent’ religion and what makes it worse are obviously his credentials which give this lunacy a certain degree of legitimacy.

But Trump didn’t pick Flynn because he hates Muslims. He picked him because out of everyone in the field, Flynn is the one least inclined to start a war with Russia, the avoidance of which is priority numero uno as far as Trump and the powerful forces behind him are concerned. Likewise with Trump choosing Mattis for SoD–yes, Mattis says nasty things about Islam, but he has also said things about the Jewish state that indicate that he is not a died-in-the-wool Israel firster as were many of his predecessors. Furthermore, embedded within Trump’s description of Mattis as being ‘the closest thing to George Patton’ are all sorts of implications, not the least of which is that the Jews hate Patton for having turned on them and for having once referred to them as ‘lower than animals’, something that must have played a part in Trump’s choice of words in describing his choice for Sec. of Def.

Trump’s choices are limited and he must work with what is possible. It would be nice if he could just say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done, but history has already explained to all of us quite clearly that this is oftentimes just not possible.

In the meantime, all should derive a certain amount of personal pleasure in seeing Judea writhing in agony over Trump’s election and the choices he is making for the various cabinet positions. Read more of this post

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