Sounds Like a Filthy Minded Old Man (Which is What He Satanically Speaking IS!)see

Anti-Pope Bergolio: “Fake news is like getting sexually aroused by faeces”

by Sabba                                       (NOTE THE JEWISH MENORAH)

pope francis

The menorah is described in the Bible as the seven-lamp ancient Hebrew lampstand made of pure gold and used in the portable sanctuary set up by Moses in the wilderness and 300 years later in the Temple in Jerusalem. Fresh olive oil of the purest quality was burned daily to light its lamps. The menorah has been a symbol of Judaism since ancient times and i…

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Sabba – How on earth would he know how coprolagnia and coprophagia feel?!?  

“I think the media have to be very clear, very transparent, and not fall into – no offence intended – the sickness of coprophilia, that is, always wanting to cover scandals, covering nasty things, even if they are true,” (emphasis added).


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