December is a Month of Action for #NoDAPL
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Greeting Friends,

We have exciting news to share: a coalition of groups and individuals at Standing Rock are coordinating to make December an entire month of action. The month kicked off on Thursday with actions around the world, including train blockades, bank shut downs, an ETP office action, and plenty more that you can see on the No Dakota Access Global Solidarity Campaign Facebook page.

You can see a calendar of planned actions and add your own at:http://everydayofaction.org/

Leadership at camp has outlined four categories of messaging and is asking for supporters to target one of these four areas at some point in December. To increase our collective impact, the plan is to highlight a target each Thursday of the month. Here’s what that will look like:

Dec 8 – Honor the Treaties

Dec 15 – North Dakota’s Human Rights Crisis (Including violations of the Declarations of Universal Human Rights, Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples)

Dec 22 – Obama’s Legacy,  Call white house, ask Obama to deny permit, mass check in at White House supplemented with specific messaging

Dec 29  – DefundDAPL, divest from the banks, cancel contracts

Although these are the main days of action being called for, remember that the broader ask is sustained actions throughout the month. The Global Solidarity Campaign is still promoting our 4 main asks:

  1. Go to Standing Rock, but do it in an appropriate and respectful way. Please check out the Standing Rock Allies Resource Packet for guidance how to do so.
  2. Organize actions in your own community, by using this map to identifying actions and targets in your area.
  3. End media white out, by committing to sharing and posting #NoDAPL related posts on all your social media outlets. You can find sample tweets, memes and FB posts here.
  4. Send monetary support and/or needed supplies. You can choose a camp/group to fund from this list.

The #NoDAPL movement is growing along with the number of water protectors traveling to Standing Rock, thank you everyone for all that you are doing. Let’s all stand with the front lines and have a Throw Down December!

-#NoDAPL Solidarity Team

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