Netanyahu Says Trump ‘sets tone on anti-Semitism’ & Coming Zionist Coup Against Trump

Netanyahu unconcerned by Bannon, says Trump ‘sets tone on anti-Semitism’

by MG editor



PM advises critics who level charges of anti-Semitism against incoming administration to ‘keep sight’ of president-elect’s Jewish daughter, grandchildren

ed note–Trump touted his ‘Jewish credentials’ for an ENTIRE YEAR, including the constant mentioning of his ‘Jewish daughter’ and ‘Jewish grandkids’, and yet Netanyahu & co remained throughout the entire period unmoved, unaffected, and unconvinced.

But now, all the sudden, Nutty Netty is running to Trump’s defense, denying that Trump is an ‘anti-Shemite’ and that the proof of all of this is his ‘Jewish daughter’ and ‘Jewish grandkids’.


Given the events over the last few days, it is obvious that organized Jewish interests plan to bring down Trump via the recent ‘Russian influence’ over the election, just a few days away from when the EC meets to officially ‘deal the deal’.

And with Netanyahu coming out NOW, proclaiming himself a ‘friend’ of Trump by playing down all the claims of ‘anti-Shemitism’, if/when Trump is brought downas a result of all this ‘Russian business’, the ‘anti-Shemites’ are going to have a difficult time trying to make the case that ‘the Jews did it’.

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