Kevin Annett Leads the Fight With Against Systemic Child Trafficking-A Hallmark of Western “Civilization”

  • Kevin Annett

Secretary, The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada
(established September 3, 2000, in Vancouver, BC, from a mandate arising from the IHRAAM Tribunal into Canadian Residential Sc…Show More

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Why and How we must overturn our fallen culture: Radio Free Kanata

December 18, 2016 program

Her life was snuffed out in a moment by a kick from United Church minister Alfred Caldwell at the Alberni “Indian residential school”. This December 24 is the 70th anniversary of Caldwell’s murder of Maisie Shaw: the first of many such crimes to be made public by our twenty year long campaign to expose and prosecute genocide by church and state in Canada.

The criminals have pretended to absolve themselves of their guilt, but under Common Law the Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada are convicted criminal organizations that have lost the right to operate. It is now the legal responsibility of every man and woman to disestablish these bodies and their corporate heads in London, Ottawa and Rome by denying them allegiance and taxes.

On today’s show we examine the history, evidence and grassroots movement that convicted church and state and brought about this revolution. We explore ways to further reclaim our nations from the killers in power. Our guests  include activists and witnesses who have made this history come about.

With your regular host – himself a key actor in this movement – Kevin Annett. For background see and

Here is last week’s program on institutionalized child trafficking and the targeting of those fighting it:


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