FRAMED BY POLICE: Assange Releases Exonerating Text Messages

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has released the statement that he gave to Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny concerning the rape accusations against him. Assange’s statement includes text messages that prove that Assange was framed not by one of the women – but by the police.

Assange released the 19-page statement to the public that he gave the Swedish prosecutor to clear his name because “I want people to know the truth about how abusive this process has been.”

In a cover letter Assange wrote that was released by Hanna J., a doctoral candidate in international law who is also an editor at justice4assange.com, the Wikileaks founder detailed the horrific process he faced:

“Six years ago today, on 7 December 2010, I was handcuffed and locked into Wandsworth prison by order of a Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny. I had not and still have not been charged with an offense. The claimed grounds for my arrest and extradition without charge were so that Ny could question me. But it was not until six years later – three weeks ago – that I was questioned for the first time. I have decided to release my responses. But first, some background,” Assange wrote.

“I am Australian. I am not Swedish. I do not speak Swedish. I have never resided in Sweden.”

“I am entirely innocent. I was already cleared of exactly this allegation in 2010 by the Chief Prosecutor of Stockholm, Eva Finne, who closed the case.”

Assange blames the Pentagon for resurrecting this case. “During the height of the Pentagon’s conflict with me the following month, the allegation was resurrected by the current prosecutor, Marianne Ny. It was immediately seized on to extinguish my freedom of movement and harm my reputation,” Assange stated.

Assange alleges that the Swedish prosecution authority and Ny broke it’s own rules and the law committing mass defamation without even bothering to take a statement from him at the time.

He has now provided a statement that an astronomical  six years later is the first time he has been given a chance to defend himself against the now-provably false accusations.

“Without even bothering to take my statement, the Swedish Prosecution Authority broke its own rules and released my name to a tabloid newspaper. Prosecutor Ny went on to produce more than 40 press releases and press conferences about me. As a result, to this day more than half a million webpages falsely conflate my name with the word ‘rape,’” Assange added. “In February this year the United Nations found that Prosecutor Ny has caused Sweden and the UK to breach their international human rights obligations. The UN found that her actions are subjecting me to “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” and an unlawful deprivation of liberty which must immediately cease.”

Assange also noted in his letter that despite no charges being filed that his basic human rights were again violated when his Swedish lawyer was excluded from the room. “She has for more than six years refused to take my statement during which time she has done nothing to pursue the preliminary investigation,”Julian Assange, said speaking of Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny. “Finally, as a result, last month Marianne Ny sent a deputy and a policewoman to London to question me over two days, but – true to form – my Swedish lawyer was excluded from the room in yet another breach of my basic rights.”

U.S. prosecutors are convening according to Assange, and desperately want to see him and seven other people who run Wikileaks behind bars.

“In Alexandria, Virginia, a Grand Jury has been meeting behind closed doors for the past six years under case number 10GJ3793 to explore ways to imprison me and seven others,” Assange said.

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