Christian Values Are Forbidden in Europe

Christian Values Are Forbidden In Europe

by Sabba


The Blessed Virgin Mary Wearing The Islamic Veil

Sabba – Christian values and code of ethics are the exact same as Muslim values and code ethics. And anyone who claims otherwise  is an imbecile who has never read and studied the Gospels and the Quran. And I am saying reading the Gospels and the Quran and not books about these 2 sides of the same Faith, books written in their overwhelming majority by ‘the lying pens of Scribes’.

And there are very good translations of the Quran available in English.

Anyone who claims otherwise is an imbecile who thinks he has it all figured out because of whatever knowledge he has of WWII, or is a liar whose aim is to prevent Christianity and Islam, these 2 long lost sisters, to be re-united to fight together against that 3rd party who wants them both destroyed.

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