Action! Pass Glass-Steagall to Save Ourselves & Let Banksters Cope With Their Own Gambling Debts!

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Glass-Steagall by January 20th

The Recovery Starts by Taking Wall Street Down

Patricia J – In a wide-ranging discussion yesterday, Lyndon LaRouche demanded that Glass-Steagall banking separation be put through Congress and signed by President Trump immediately.

LaRouche pointed to the financial collapse which continues to topple European banks and economies and which will shortly land here in full blossom, the result of Obama’s Dodd-Frank, “too big to fail” embrace of Wall Street. Any plans to create real jobs, lift living standards, build new infrastructure, or explore new frontiers in energy and space – the balance of LaRouche’s Four Cardinal Laws for economic recovery – will not come into being as the economy is blown to smithereens in the ensuing financial chaos.

That will only be done if you volunteer to help us do it, by learning all you can about it, organizing your friends, state and local leaders, and Congressman, and helping us fund our mobilization.

Here’s what you can do right now

(1). Go to our Glass-Steagall page. It has everything you will need to know to organize your friends and your Congressman. Share it widely.

(2). Volunteer for this mobilization. Or call 800-929-7566 to discuss how you can help and to coordinate our efforts.

(3). Donate. To succeed we need to be in Washington and in Congressional districts throughout the United States. We need funding for literature and advertising for a targeted national campaign. While we are notoriously resourceful, we can’t succeed against Wall Street unless we have serious funding. Please donate today. 

OTC derivatives are just the tip of the iceberg. Can you imagine what is being kept “off the books?” Even if a final financial reckoning is somehow delayed for a few weeks or months, continued toleration of Wall Street and its predatory death grip on the real economy and its degradation of the living standards of our people, will destroy any serious effort at economic revival.

Take action with us

The momentum for this urgent measure is increasing rapidly. Resolutions for Glass-Steagall were passed in both the Democratic and Republican Parties platforms in 2016. On October 26th, even then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump made the following statement, “Dodd-Frank has been a disaster,…It’s time for a 21st Century Glass-Steagall and, as part of that, a priority on helping African American businesses get the credit they need.”

Join in our mobilization for the enactment of Glass-Steagall into law for the coming New Year. If we do our job, Glass-Steagall should be on President Trump’s desk by his inauguration, January 20th, and signed into law the next day.

Please, signup to volunteer for our Glass-Steagall mobilization if you haven’t yet already.

Thank you for your continued support,,
Editorial Staff

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