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Facebook statistics show that only 5-10% of David Icke’s 700k+ Facebook followers actually see his posts and so the number of followers falls, and ‘likes’ are regularly and systematically deleted in blocks, while interest in his information explodes worldwide. Clearly something doesn’t add up here and algorithms and blocking processes are at work.

Twitter has become next to useless, too. Over the last 12 months David has had 17.7 million YouTube video views (average 48,000 per day), but of that only 38,000 views in the annual total came from links on Twitter (average 104 per day). You would get more shouting in the street.

We should be viewing the mainstream social media in the same way that we do mainstream television, radio and newspapers. They have no interest whatsoever in providing a fair platform for information because they are owned by the very Elite forces of suppression and control that want to silence all dissent and alternative views which challenge the agenda of human enslavement.

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The only places to get David Icke’s information uncensored –, his books and his Worldwide Wake-Up Tour

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