Duprevent Harm: Ancient Wisdom with Modern Technology

Targeted Individuals
RFID Forced brain implant MRI
Forced Brain Implant MRI

Photo Above: Secretly forced brain implant/James Walbert

Secretly forced brain implants: Explosive court case

Few American doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists will break rank or brave the new world of high-tech electronic abuse some of their patients report but evidence mounts that increasing numbers of innocent citizens targeted for U.S. state-sponsored terror are being secretly brain implanted with U.S. RFID chips without their consent for no-touch torture and mind control plus experimentation. One man evidenced this in court; won his case; and now prepares for a continuationin federal court, due to be equally explosive.

RFID is abbreviation for Radio-frequency Identification, a misnomer due to the device functions consisting of far more than ID. It is used for remote technological harassment, torture and even assassination.

James Walbert, resident of Wichita, Kansas, proved his experience as a Targeted Individual under surveillance includes forcefully implanted RFID chips, including in his brain, and subsequent remote electronic abuse. Walbert told Sedgwick County, Kansas court panel that Jeremiah Redford threatened him with “jolts of radiation.”

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Targeted Individual kept under surveillance
Military surveillance truck ham radio equipped that continues to follow targeted man, James Walbert

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