The Planned Political Manipulation of Trump by Israel

Israel’s Education Minister Bennett–‘Now is the time to get Trump on our side’by MG editor


Education Minister says Trump transition represents unique opportunity to shift American policy away from two-state solution.

ed note–Now WAAAAAIT a minute here…’Now’ is the time to get Trump on our side? You mean, Trump was not viewed by Jews as being on ‘Israel’s side’ during the entirety of the campaign that lasted over a year?

All sarcasm aside, just another indicator that all those ‘experts’ within the movement with their incessant chirping that Trump was a ‘ZY-nist’ puppet didn’t/don’t know they s*** from shine-ola.

All can rest assured however that this is precisely what the Judaic powers that be are going to try to accomplish in the days, weeks, and months ahead, getting him on ‘their side’, and if they fail to do this, Trump is either going to eat a bullet or will be plagued with a total meltdown of the system that will basically incapacitate him to the point that he no longer functions as a thorn in Judea’s side any further.

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