Disclosure: Beyond the Burning the FBI, VT Breaks New Ground(part IV)

Disclosure: Beyond the Burning the FBI, VT Breaks New Ground(part IV)

Those actually trying to manipulate the election outcome support the guy who keeps whining about election-rigging

by Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Editor and Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


We are telling you how America is coming apart, we hate fear porn but it’s time to be afraid, very afraid…

By the time you are finished reading this, those who have enough cash to get out of the United States will be looking for their passports. For the rest of you, just realise what is coming down around you now can only be delayed, there is no-one left to stop it. When America drank the Kool-Aid it sealed it’s own fate. g

The agenda behind Trump

Trump, despite his pussy grabbing, has spent his life in the middle of the gay mafia. It was Jessica Drake’s horrible performance as a sexually abused porn star that made us laugh the hardest, we’re surprised that she didn’t hit us with the notorious pun: I was attacked with a dead weapon. Clearly she was paid to put on this performance, as were so many others who have made accusations of sexual abuse by Trump. A repeat of the George W Bush/Larry Flynt episode; in both cases the agenda was to hide the rampant homosexuality of a presidential candidate. All of us were sucked in, the liberal press lapped it up while the ‘hard hats’  have seen this entire campaign as nothing more than another Howard Stern performance. Are there that many American men who, along with hating blacks, Mexicans and visits to the dentist that have seen their lives change?

In family court, women can do no wrong, almost all American men who have been married have been divorced, anyone who has ever fought for custody or paid child support would never vote for a woman. This is the real sickness in America’s society, women have had a role in it but the destruction of the American family isn’t an accident. It’s pure chaos theory and what has made it possible to run candidates like Bush or Trump, whiney little bitches, physical cowards, buffoonish embarrassments. At the same time, America is shifting to the Pacific, the EU is being destroyed, extremism, refugees, economic meltdown, Russia is taking America’s role in the Middle East and a combination of organised crime and intelligence agencies is orchestrating the collapse of America’s position in the world.

The work that was done in 2008 – crashing the dollar, taking down America’s banking system, gutting the Dow Industrials; despite 8 years of Obama fighting Congress and staunching the bleeding where possible is ready to begin again. We aren’t going to see Pax Americana or that ‘deal’ with Putin, what is in store is chaos theory, manipulated markets, false flag terrorism, economic hooliganism and an America stuck in 19th century belligerent isolationism and inevitable decline.

Roger Stone

Roger Stone

Trump and the Gay Mafia

Trump’s attempts to surround himself with Italian mafia and real tough guys is pure cover; his real gang was Roy Cohn, Roger Stone and Rudy Giulani, none of whom would leave footprints in newly fallen snow, experienced players of the purple piccolo. Trump and his gang belong at a mardi gras, not in the White House.

Ex-wife Marla Maples publicly stated that she was made to sign a pre-nup when she married Trump that stated if they ever got divorced, she had to publicly state that Trump was the best sex she ever had. Marla said this many years ago, never to be repeated, expunged down the memory hole.

This is the same Marla Maples who, during her divorce proceedings, stated that Trump had once raped her, a story that was published far and wide and repeated many times. (He admits he has no respect for women-My Comment-Admin)

This is part of a psychological warfare study done in Israel, that hatred of women by American men has vastly superseded hatred of any ethnic minorities; that American men find the country’s most dangerous enemy is often their own mothers. This explains to a large degree, the meltdown in the American character that has long existed but that this election has brought to the forefront.

Trump’s Plan to Balkanise America

What we are seeing is the playing out of scenarios all too familiar to us from many and various publications by thinks tanks such as The Rand Corporation, The Potomac Institute and The Jamestown Foundation that have appeared over the last several decades; this is an agenda that has been a long time in germination and is now beginning to flower, with hideous implications for the people of America.

The pro-Trump, anti-Clinton Wikileaks data has been traced to Macedonia, a country that fell under Turkish control 2 years ago when Turkish Intelligence took over. In a country with no telecommunications to speak of, the Haifa phone room we identified as being located there is run by Israelis.

That is who is running Donald Trump, a ‘billionaire’ who more and more, we are coming to suspect, doesn’t have two nickels to rub together. Those tax records he is withholding are hiding a sad story – Trump ain’t go no money of his own, he is a complete fraud, nothing more than a frontman for organised crime.

9-11 created the mechanism for a prison state, there is a reason that the ultra-corrupt FBI is backing Trump and the Mossad runs his campaign troll room in Macedonia. Trump says he loves war, what he really loves is police, he loves prisons and as he has stated over and over, Trump loves rich people. No wages low enough, not for Trump, no court crooked enough, yes he has a plan for stupid whites terrified of imaginary Sharia law living in states where they are 500 miles from the nearest mosque, are, according to Trump’s plan, going to become the American version of ISIS.

The end result is going to be a fractured America, states are going to secede, Israel is going to end up with a second homeland in New York State, or maybe it will be the mafia, everything that happened in Hitler’s Third Reich, real or imagined will be happening in Balkanised America. 

Drug Cartels, Jihad and the fall of America

The drug cartels began by taking Arizona, they have as many as 100,000 armed ‘Jihadists’ in Los Angeles alone, the Gulf Cartel controlled Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas by 2006, according to FBI sources and were moving into Oklahoma, Missouri and Iowa. Our FBI sources say the Walton family’s banking empire in partnership with Wall St. investment banks paved the way for a silent Jihad. First they put in cartel sheriffs across a third of America, then they got the judges and the rest have fallen into line while Sheldon Adelson overtly bought the Tea Party, the cartels through Citizen’s United ( the infamous Supreme Court case pushed through by Scalia) partnered with the mafia took over the mainstream GOP, pushing many old line power brokers aside, including the Neocons. It was the Neocons in the 1990s, their game of oil conquest and real or imagined Israeli security, we will never really know, that set the stage.

They won’t have to round up the intellectuals, three decades of university witch hunts have already done that job. They don’t have to create the thought police, we call it Homeland Security. Most of the work is already done. The police, Israeli trained, and armed for war, are “in the bag.”

The media is destroyed, first controlled and then killed by a deluge of fake media, not just the Macedonian troll room or WikiLeaks.  There is no need to create  a government-controlled propaganda machine to beat war drums or set brother on brother, that model was created long ago by the Bronfman family and activated for the Trump campaign – it’s called InfoWars, aptly named. The real war on information likely to become mandatory viewing when Americans finally get that chip implanted it will be the voice of Alex Jones and his fear porn fantasies hardwired into the reptilian brain.

The neocons know they will be the first to be rounded up, but not the last.


The Cartels form a ready made domestic equivalent to ISIS, heavily armed, highly trained, utterly ruthless and massively bloodthirsty

The Donald’s role in 9-11

The most frightening point of all is that Donald Trump was in the middle of 9-11; it was Giuliani and Kerik, his closest associates, who ordered police in NYC to release the Mossad/art student teams at the Lincoln and Holland tunnels. It was Giuliani’s FBI contacts that picked up the Israeli team at the Fort Lee police station after the highway patrol arrest on the bridge, a white moving van with three tonnes of Semtex. The arresting officer left his job and took a recording contract soon after, Dan Rather who reported it on CBS… well, we know what happened to him.

Then there are the nuclear demolitions, then we have Donald Trump’s private plane at Teterboro airport – we know they used a VIP plane, the data was redacted on the report that named Giuliani and Patrick Fitzgerald as co-conspirators. We are going to ask for an unredacted version of that report and find it is actually was Trump’s plane, would someone like Trump revel in being part of something this big – the biggest real estate move in Manhattan’s history? Has anything Trump has ever said made you think he would wince at the prospect of wiping out the 20,000 Jews who should have been working there? However we are not subscribing to any anti-semitic rumours or plots, sometimes nearly-empty buildings are just that, mysteriously nearly empty buildings. 3,000 people is nothing for 220 storeys of WTC tower plus another 60 or so in the other buildings. According to CNN, 50,000 people worked in the WTC and another 140,000 visited daily. Minimally, 20,000 employees that worked in the WTC that day were Jewish, which would have been the biggest slaughter of Jews since Auschwitz. Thankfully no jews died that day.

Trump’s Boeing 757

Trump’s Boeing 757

Rolling Stone
This Election Is Being Rigged – But Not by Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump established what’s alleged to have been an entirely fraudulent “university.” He has a hard-earned reputation for screwing over contractors and investors, a long history of hanging out with mobsters and has been named a defendant in 1,450 lawsuits. And yet he’s dubbed his opponent, who’s been subjected to dozens of investigations that all came up with bupkis, “Crooked Hillary.” No candidate in history has taken projection to such remarkable lengths.

But an even more impressive example of projection can be found in Trump’s constant claims that this election is being “rigged” for Hillary Clinton. There do seem to be a lot of actors trying to manipulate the outcome – or at least having that effect – but they’re all lined up behind the guy who won’t stop whining about election-rigging.

It’s unclear whether WikiLeaks is actually in cahoots with the Russian government. But Reuters reported this week that U.S. intelligence officials are investigating “a campaign they believe is backed by the Russian government to undermine the credibility of the U.S. presidential election.”

Meanwhile, a small town in Macedonia called Veles has become a “global hub for pro-Trump misinformation,” according to BuzzFeed. The village of 45,000 people hosts 100 websites that spew Facebook-shareable nonsense about the election – and Hillary Clinton’s many “crimes.”

Julian Assange says his motives are anything but partisan, but the timing, selection and presentation of the emails hacked from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s account leave little doubt that their intent is to sway the outcome. (If there were any lingering doubts, WikiLeaks’ habit of tweeting out fake stories about Clinton plucked from the wingnuttosphere should dispel them.)

The emails have revealed only that politics is a rough-and-tumble business, and people working campaigns talk a lot of shit in private. But they appear damning to anyone who has never worked on a campaign, especially when the emails are stripped of context and spun to seem dark and sinister. Regardless, they clearly divide the Democratic coalition, and dribbling them out on a daily basis for the final weeks of the campaign is as clear an example of trying to rig an election as you’ll find.

Meanwhile, Spencer Ackerman reports for The Guardian that “deep antipathy to Hillary Clinton exists within the FBI … spurring a rapid series of leaks damaging to her campaign just days before the election.”

Hillary Clinton’s email controversy has dominated airwaves. Brendan Smialowski/Getty

Regardless of FBI Director James Comey’s intent, it’s clear that his oddly vague letter to Congress about some emails found on a computer shared by disgraced perv Anthony Weiner and Clinton aide Huma Abedin – emails that nobody had even looked at – violated established protocols and threw a monkey-wrench into the election in the final days before the vote.

That was followed by various leaks about a long-stalled investigation into the Clinton Foundation that was reportedly fueled at least in part by the book Clinton Cash, which may be popular with the credulous seniors who watch Fox News but should nonetheless be relegated to the fiction aisle. “The FBI is Trumpland,” one current agent told Ackerman.

And it’s important to remember that the entire nontroversy over Clinton’s emails began when Congressional Republicans’ failed to come up with any evidence that the Benghazi attacks were the result of wrongdoing by the administration, despite spending millions of tax dollars on a dozen investigations.

Matt Yglesias defined the “Prime Directive” of Clinton scandals like this: “We know the Clintons are guilty; the only question is what are they guilty of and when will we find the evidence?” None of Clinton’s emails was marked classified at the time. More to the point, classified info is only supposed to be sent over special secure channels; there’s no difference between sending it through a private email account or a state.gov email address. And if using a private server was a way to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests, it was a poor strategy. We know this because her mails were successfully FOIA’d and are available online.

Trump constantly whines about the media being biased against him. But he’s not talking about bias, which is an entirely subconscious process. He’s offering a goofy conspiracy theory that mainstream media outlets purposefully manipulate their coverage to give the election to Clinton.

Most reporters and editors would personally prefer Clinton over Trump. They’re mostly college-educated people who live in big coastal cities, and he’s spent months bullying and threatening them. But their subconscious biases clearly favor Trump.

Bias is elevating a process story about emails to the same level as a candidate bragging about sexual assault, and a dozen women coming forward to say it wasn’t just idle “locker-room talk.” It’s the networks devoting three times as much airtime to Clinton’s emails than all of the issues at stake in this election combined. It’s the fact that the media have spent the final week of an incredibly important election talking about some emails that we know nothing about, other than Hillary Clinton didn’t send or receive them. Why is that even news?

The proof is in the pudding: PolitiFact looked at 500 claims made by Clinton and Trump, and rated 51 percent of Trump’s claims either “false” or “pants on fire,” whereas only 13 percent of Clinton’s statements earned those ratings. And yet, a Washington Post/ABC News poll released this week found Trump leading Clinton on who is “honest and trustworthy” by eight percentage points.

Meanwhile, red-state legislators are working hard to suppress the Democratic vote. You want an under-reported email scandal? According to a Reuters report, private emails show Republican officials in North Carolina “lobbied members of at least 17 county election boards to keep early-voting sites open for shorter hours on weekends and in evenings – times that usually see disproportionately high turnout by Democratic voters. … The officials also urged county election boards to open fewer sites for residents to cast ballots during early.” One Republican official recalled what happened when he balked at the plan: “I became a villain … I got accused of being a traitor and everything else by the Republican Party.”

The same thing’s been happening in Florida, Ohio and elsewhere. Hell, election officials in Macon-Bibb County, Georgia, tried to move a polling place in a black community to a sheriff’s office. Real subtle, guys. And if we really want to talk about rigged elections, all of this was made possible, or at least much easier, by the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act, a long-standing goal of a chief justice appointed by a president who won a half-million fewer votes than his opponent in 2000. Unsurprisingly, early voting in black communities has been sluggish this year, compared with earlier cycles.

In the pursuit of a highly dubious “voter fraud” case in Indiana, a state headed by Trump running mate Mike Pence, state police seized 40,000 mostly African-American registrations from a grassroots group working to get out the vote. Nobody can say for sure how this unorthodox bit of policing will affect those voters’ ability to cast their ballots.

Meanwhile, restrictive voter-ID have been popping up around the country, despite the fact that in-person voter fraud isn’t really a thing. In the most comprehensive study of the impact of these laws to date, researchers at UC San Diego found that they depress Democratic turnout by 8.8 percent, while Republican turnout only drops by 3.6 percent.

And if that weren’t enough, notorious ratfucker and “informal Trump adviser” Roger Stone and pro-Trump groups say they’re going to send a bunch of white goons out to “monitor the polls” in primarily minority districts. (Best of luck to any Alt-Right goober who actually goes to the “ghettos” of Philadelphia to hand out “40s and weed” to local residents.)

The conventional wisdom is that Hillary Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate who’d really struggle against a conventional Republican opponent. There’s some truth in this, and the Clintons were no doubt wise to sacrifice some cows on Eid al-Adha to get Trump nominated.

But if Clinton wins on Tuesday, she will have overcome not only a quarter-century of scandal-mongering and thousands of years of deeply embedded sexism, but also a shit-ton of efforts to tilt the playing field toward her toxic opponent.
Watch the racism behind Trump’s “rigged election” talk.

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