Bush & O’Bama War Crimes Exposed

Bush and Obama War Crimes Exposed—Trump Should Agree

The following statement, by Republican Senator Richard H. Black of the Virginia Senate, came in response to a warning from Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) that U.S. support and collaboration with Saudi Arabia in the criminal war against Yemen was putting US military personnel at risk of prosecution for war crimes. Sen. Black was the former Chief of the Criminal Law Division in the Office of the Judge Advocate General at the Pentagon. “I agree with Rep. Lieu’s legal analysis.  However, I believe the more practical aspect of this is the legal exposure of our most senior officials, who directed our servicemen’s actions.  Under the precedent set by the American War Crimes Tribunal of Japanese General Yamashtia following WWII, the senior commander is criminally liable for generalized criminal misconduct by his subordinates.  This applies to conduct of which he knew or should have known.”READ MORE

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