Assange Has Released the Dead Man’s Code: He Knew He Was Going to be Murdered

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Julain Assange: Whistleblower, Freedom Fighter, Truth Speaker
written 10-18-2016 by Michelle Whitedove

Today Oct 18, 2016 it was brought to my attention that Julian Assange has not been heard from inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. There is much controversy surrounding his silence.

Media outlets are guessing these scenarios:

–          His internet privileges have been revoked because his Wikileaks are interfering with the US Presidential Election by exposing the crimes of Hillary Clinton. Here is one example

–          Pamela Anderson poisoned him with a food delivery on 10/15/16

–          He’s dead and the codes that he sent out prove it.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was an advocate of transparency. WikiLeaks, the organization he founded to expose the lies and corruption within governments, figureheads and powerful institutions. To many, he was a criminal trying to escape justice as whistleblower that went too far.

Actually Mr Assange was a truth speaker. He could not live with himself for knowing the truth about world governments’ criminal activities and felt it was his moral obligation to go public with real documentation to prove what has actually transpired. The truth is a far cry from what the media reports and what the people deserve to know.

With Psychic Insights I see that the Ecuadorian Embassy gave into to political pressures and allowed an interrogation team entrance into the embassy. The power went off and Julian could hear commotion. He sensed that the end was near and sent his DEAD MANS CODE a coded message to his Wiki Team via Twitter.

Only Wiki knew his explicit instructions:
-Go viral and release all documents. These were released
-Do not go public with his death right away
-There are more instructions but I am not clear on

 His Death: With Psychic Insights I see that Julian Assange was interrogated for two days inside the embassy. I see that he was in a room with high ceilings; crown molding and the walls are painted white. Sadly Julian Assange was killed. He did not leave in a vehicle while he was alive.

Now the question is: How will the embassy deal with his death? They could say that he was extradited. The USA has taken him to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base / Gitmo detention camp and create some photoshopped pics of him being there? There are many ways that this could play out.

I predict:
That the governments will cover up the fact that Julian Assange is dead and there will be a body- double, so that photos can be taken. But the fact is: Julian is dead and he was murdered for knowing too much and releasing the truth to the world.

Rest in Peace,
~ Michelle Whitedove, Spirtual Medium & Seer


Pray for Snowden

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