By Mike King


By now, regular readers of and much of the “alt-right” blogosphere are convinced that The First Tranny is, well, a tranny (here). But what if this sick joke that the sick Globalists are playing on us isn’t just limited to Mr. Robinson-Obongo; and isn’t just limited to the United States? How deep might this rabbit hole actually go? It’s a valid question.




1: Hello Mr. Robinson. Is that a gun in your underwear are you just happy to see me?


Having been compelled to spend a fair amount of time in the teeming Turd World metropolis that is Sodom on the Hudson, your observant reporter and his super-intuitive feline sidekick here have developed highly sophisticated homo and tranny “radar” (gaydar) systems. Please don’t misunderstand, but some of these trannies, at a distance and at first glance, can actually catch a man’s eye — albeit briefly, very briefly — like no more than a second or two, that’s all, honestly, I swear.

That said, when Mateo Renzi, Italy’s smooth-talking Globalist Golden Boy shyster of a Prime Minister, trotted out his “wife,” Agnese (Landini) Renzi for a state dinner with Mr. & Mr. Obongo, the tranny radar started beeping like a kitchen fire alarm. Indeed, there wasn’t even that “first glance” fooling of the eye with this one.

The Renzis do have three children, but for all we know, like the brats Sasquatch and Malaria Obongo, they might have been adopted. Perhaps a few of our Italian-based readers can explore if there are any discrepancies regarding Agnese’s “pregnancy” and early childhood? Grazie fratelli. Or maybe our “gaydar” is just putting out a false alarm this time. The only observations that we will state with absolute certainty are:

1. In this sick, dysfunctional, dystopian New World Order, anything is possible; and

2. She / he / it sure does look like a dude!

What say you, reader?



‘I am Sparticus!” —- A very strong “Kirk Douglas” type cleft chin (and an “Adam’s Apple” throat too)



Tall like a man — Mateo is almost 6′ 0″ tall, but Agnese stands toe to toe with him, slightly surpassing him when wearing heels.



1- The queer Obongos and the ultra-liberal Renzis got along very well. Perhaps because they have so many “personal attributes” in common, if you catch my drift.

2- The homo-tranny “community” TM of Italy absolutely LOVES Mateo Renzi — the man who fought so hard to recently grant them the “right” to “marry.”

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