WikiLeaks–‘Catholic Spring’ needed in destroying ‘Middle Ages Dictatorship’ run by Bishops

WikiLeaks–‘Catholic Spring’ needed in destroying ‘Middle Ages Dictatorship’ run by Bishops

by MG editor


ed note–please out aside whatever personal feelings/thoughts you may have concerning the Catholic church and look at this from a geo-political point of view. Like it or not, the Catholic church represents (or at least used to) one of the biggest–if not THE biggest–bulwark against the Jews and their interests. In effect, as an organization it is the melding/marriage of the teachings/person of Jesus Christ with what was (at one time) the largest and most unstoppable political/military machine in human history, the Roman Empire.

What the email also reveals, besides the obvious fact, which is that the Roman Catholic Church and all its wealth, influence, and power is something which the JPTB (Judaic Powers That Be) view with obvious antagonism is the fact that the forces of evil never rest. Like Judas, they come bearing smiles and kisses, all the while they are plotting their betrayal. And while these interests –emanating from the same Synagogue of Satan which condemned Jesus to death for His ‘crimes against Zion’–plot their ‘Catholic Spring’ in the interests of weakening Rome, all can rest assured as well that at the appropriate time, a bomb planted in the Vatican resulting in the assassination of beloved Pope Bergoglio and then blamed on ISIS or whatever Islamic boogey-man has been conjured up for such schtick will then result in the largest army ever assembled for the destruction of the Islamic World–2 billion Catholics seeking to avenge the death of their leader.

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