Tomorrow a First Steps team embarks on a regular confirmation visit to North Korea. In addition to our usual stops, we’ll also be assessing the situation on the ground after Typhoon Lionrock ripped through two northern provinces at the start of September.

Three days of torrential rain and flooding wiped out entire villages and devastated crops just days before the harvest was to begin. Hundreds of people lost their lives and more than 100,000 were left homeless. Complicating matters, a long, cold winter in which temperatures regularly dip below 25, is just around the corner.
Please pray for all those who are suddenly made destitute and placed in grave danger, especially pregnant women and children who are some of the most vulnerable. First Steps has already begun responding by sending food aid items, but we are still determining how best to help on a larger scale. During our upcoming visit we’ll be visiting orphanages, daycares, schools and hospitals and will be in touch again shortly after returning.
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