Obama is a British Agent and He Will Take Action Accordingly Until He is Kicked Out of Office

President Barack Obama’s continuing threat to veto the JASTA bill is a clear reminder that the President of the United States is in reality an agent of the British system, and he will do whatever he is told by the British Crown—the American people be damned. Lyndon LaRouche warned today that no one should expect Obama to do the right thing by signing the JASTA bill into law and letting the justice system deal with the Saudi Monarchy, the facilitators of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. “Obama will wiggle and dodge the issue until the last moment—and then he will veto JASTA—unless there is such an outpouring of pressure from the American people that it leaves him no choice,” LaRouche declared.”After all, Obama is a British agent and he will act accordingly.”READ MORE

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