Meet Teresa Barnwell,The Advertising Executive Who Left Her Job To Impersonate Hillary Clinton Full-Time (PICTURES)

by Sabba

Barnwellhas traveled the world while impersonating ClintonClinton at the 2016 AME Church Conference in Philadelphia

Sabba – There are a lot of stories out there claiming that the woman who appeared in NYC After Clinton’s 9/11 Medical Incident is her body double. There are as many articles slamming this  story as a conspiracy theory.

This article from the UK Daily Mail is NOT related to the latest story/conspiracy theory: it was published on 11 July 2016 to introduce us to Teresa Barnwell, who had decided to quit her job to become a full time Clinton body-double.

The Daily Mail tells us “Because they looked so much alike, she decided to quit her job in advertising 23 years ago and become a full-time Clinton impersonator. Since Clinton announced her plans to run for president last year, Barnwell has seen bookings skyrocket and in a month she can make up to $10,000 or even more. She’s been invited all over the world for photo shoots, TV commercials, music videos and corporate events, meeting the likes of comedian Jay Leno, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Clinton herself.”

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