Other substances can now be added to the water supply where by the water company can claim they’ve not added anything from the mains side. You should be informed that Mercury is now being added to a lot of water supplies in the United States. They claim these substances have to be used due to the pathogenic levels in water but we all known that cheap and safe electrolysis systems would completely eliminate such a problem.

I should remind you that the illusion of an Ebola epidemic in Africa was created by contamination of local well waters with the deadly chemical called Formaldehyde. Now ask yourself why the United Nations wishes to claim control to the world’s water including the rain. The U.N will pay your stasi snitch neighbors to monitor anyone who’s collecting rainwater. Why? Well first of all the water companies are losing profits from their meters and secondly you can then filter this free water and be clear from the eugenics programs. Think about it and become independent! Make up rain collection points but not where people and neighbors can know what is going on. Certainly don’t tell anyone else what you’re doing.

Do you still think the Western World is free? Think again! The population reduction programs aren’t about pollution and resources but it’s all about the Jews wishing to holocaust the majority of the goyim who they see as their enemy. The Jews have been doing it to the Palestinians for decades and the world’s populations have been ignorant and not cared. Well guess what? The Jews are doing it to you now whilst claiming reparations for the so-called holocaust during World War II. The real Nazis aren’t Germany but they’re certainly Jewish (NAtional socialist ZIonism).

What do I think they will do first with these T-values? I believe an epidemic of madness caused by a particular chemical and/or metal exposure into the water supply. They may even utilize the microwave carrier frequencies in order to resonant this compound so as to create a disease state such as the so-called Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease in effect creating a giant free radical exposure. I believe this madness event will aid in the martial law and electronic bracelet tagging of all western slaves in the hot zones. So you don’t believe me? Go and watch the predictive programming called ‘The Crazies’ and have a good hard think about it. Make a note of some of the legal high chemicals that seem to give similar symptoms to what was seen in that movie. Think hard and draw similar conclusions.

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