From the article:

“American-backed Syrian Kurdish and Arab militias have seized more than 10,000 documents and 4.5 terabytes of digital data in recent weeks.”

Sure they have, Schmitty boy, sure they have. This latest “trove” of intelligence on phony ISIS calls to mind the frequent reports of “troves” uncovered in the nooks and crannies of Bin Laden’s Afghanistan from back in the day. Remember these golden oldies?:



1- 2001: A video of a suddenly fat-nosed Bin Laden — in which the “mastermind of 9/11” is seen smiling as he “admits” to orchestrating the attacks which brought down the Twin Towers — conveniently turned up as part of a “trove” of documents and artifacts.

2- 2011: After “killing Bin Laden” (again!), American intelligence uncovered a “trove” of Bin Laden home videos. In the image above, Bin Laden, we are told, is watching news coverage of himself. Porno tapes also turned up as part of the “trove.”


In light of the recent false-flag-crisis-actor-induced capitulation to manufactured anti-Muslim bigotry by so many of our weaker-minded brothers in the truth community, now is a good time for a muchneeded refresher course on ISIS (Israeli (or International) Secret Intelligence Service).

Excerpts Below Reposted From A 2015 TomatoBubble Piece



The manufactured phoniness of this bogeyman known as ‘ISIS’ is obvious in so many ways. For today’s bit of ISIS-debunking, your child-at-heart reporter here harkens back to the exciting comic-book tales of ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ — the coolest super-hero ever!

Apart from the fact that both Spider Man and ISIS Man are children’s stories; and apart from the fact that both wear full facial masks; there is a third thing the two have in common — a commonality which gives the game away by exposing their respective identities.


As those of you who read the comics as children, or saw either the TV cartoons or the more recent Hollywood movie versions know; Spider Man is really Peter Parker — a teen-aged nerd who works part-time as a photographer for The Daily Bugle. Month after month, as Spider Man dispatches one super-villain after another, Peter Parker amazes his cigar-chomping boss, J. Jonah Jameson, with his uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time to capture photos of Spider Man in action. The photos pay well for young Parker. Scoop after scoop after scoop, and still no one is able to figure out Peter’s secret for obtaining such blockbuster photos of New York’s favorite Super Hero and the related crime scenes.



Spidey Selfies


Years ahead of his time, Peter Parker places an automated tracking device in his suit so that the camera he sets up always takes great shots of Spider-Man in action. 



Who would ever suspect that the masked man and the “lucky” photographer are one in the same!


Now, what has this got to do with ISIS Man? Well, you see boys and girls, ISIS Man also has a photographer – and videographer – with this weird ability to obtain theonly images of ISIS Man. Her name is Rita Katz, and her “organization” is known as SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities). You may have seen the SITElogo on so many of the internationally televised images of ISIS Man. Have a look and see:



David Haines

ISIS Man “beheads” James Foley. ISIS Man “beheads” Joel Sotloff.ISIS Man “beheads” David Haines.

David Haines


ISIS Man “beheads” Alan Henning. ISIS Men “behead” a whole bunch of Christians! ISIS Man “beheads” Kenji Goto


1- ISIS Man with ISIS Boy forget their masks and “behead” unknown victim.

2- ISIS Knife-Man hams it up for the cameras — “Allah Akbar!”

2- ISIS Men and victims change uniform colors for the “beheading” ceremony of a bunch of African Christians.

It’s perfectly OK to laugh because NOBODY was actually hurt in these silly SITE “beheading” videos! Even The Times of London reported on the fakeness of the very first “beheading” video — before suddenly dropping the story the next day.


And there are plenty more such goof-ball scenes where those came from — and they are still coming! Who is this Rita Katz woman who heads up SITE as its Executive Director? And: how in the world does she pull so many ‘Peter Parker’ scoop-photos and videos out of her Magic Hat? Well, self-professed ‘terrorism analyst’ and pathological Muslim-basher Rita Katz is an Iraqi-born Jew whose family moved to Israel after her wealthy father was accused of being a Mossad agent, and then executed for treason. In Israel she served in the merciless IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and graduated from Tel Aviv University. Since 2002, Katz has run SITE out of Washington DC. (Wikipedia)

SITE is the same outfit that released the ridiculously fake computer animated video of gray-bearded Osama Bin Laden back in 2004 — and then another in 2007 with the ‘Just For Men” hair coloring saturated throughout his beard!



SITE: 2007: “Hi. I’m Osama Bin Laden, and I recommend Just For Men gel to keep that young, sexy terrorist look.”


Katz’s ghoulish game is to embarrass Muslims and to draw NATO into the Syrian theater for the concealed purpose of overthrowing President Assad. As surreal, as astonishing, and as hard-to-believe as it may be; this is the woman whose comical ‘beheading’ images and ‘ISIS statements’ are taken at face value and broadcastwithout question by the Piranha Press.


Just have look at this idiotic crap!—


The fake ‘beheading’ videos cut to black just as the throats of the strangely calm ‘victims’ are about to be cut by the really bad actors in black. The ‘victims’ (always in U.S. standard issue orange jumpsuits) don’t even squirm!Intense media pressure builds for Obama to “do something” in order to “stop ISIS”.



More recently, The New York Times, aka “the paper of record”, and the whole damn European Press cited SITE as the source for the ISIS “claim of responsibility” for the Friday the 13th Paris attacks of 11-13-15. From the NY Times of November 14, 2015:


“The Islamic State claimed responsibility on Saturday for the catastrophic attacks in the French capital, calling them “the first of the storm — according to a transcript provided by the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks jihadist propaganda.” (full article)

Scoop after scoop after scoop after scoop of “beheading videos” that no one else has been able to even get close to. How does the Amazing Rita manage to pull it off? — Ask Peter Parker.



1- Rita the “terrorism expert” on CNN

2- Spidey says: “Rita & Friends = ISIS”



And so, dear reader, the next time you hear about “treasure troves” implicating the big bad Muslims – (and we do not deny that criminal Arab mercenaries and gullible patsies are often part of these operations) – remember the magic hijacker passports found amidst the ruins of the various 9/11 sites. Remember how the suitcase of the lead “hijacker” was conveniently mishandled and never made it to the plane, thus allowing investigators to review the “trove” of contents and “solve” the 9/11 crime so quickly. Remember the Korans left strewn about in bars on the eve of the “hijackings” by loudmouthed drunken “Muslims” boasting “wait until tomorrow!”  Remember the “lucky finds” of the Bin Laden home videos in Afghanistan.


It’s time to get back to false-flag basics, and reject, both on logical and moral grounds, this latest wave of Muslim-bashing coming from the likes of Disinfo Wars, the Drudge Retard, Faux News, Orange Man and legitimate “conspiracy theorists” TM who ought to know better. The Muslims are innocent of every — single — one of these recent attacks (both the fake and the real ones) and always have been.


And as for the the clever planters behind these “troves” that have so tarnished the image of a billion innocent people, well — you know the trick… (cough cough)

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