Are Three Democratic Senators Confirmed Pedophiles?

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Senior Political Analyst

Questions were raised on the Internet today regarding three Democratic members of the United States Senate who may or may not have been convicted or suspected of pedophilia.

Googling the phrase “Ron Wyden pedophile” brings up more than 25,000 hits. Democrat Wyden, the senior senator from the state of Oregon has yet to confirm or deny that he has direct links to the theory or practice of pedophilia.

Further, the Internet contains an 11,000-word conversation on a Web page containing dozens of allegations of molestation on the part of Senate minority leader Harry Reid. The page describes the long-serving Nevada senator engaging in deeply disturbing, intimately described sex acts with children and that he was caught “reading a chicken-hawk magazine.” One commenter wrote that Reid hangs around playgrounds handing out candy and inviting his victims to enjoy “pony rides” on his knee.

Reid, who is married with children (four of whom are boys), has never responded to the accusations, although one of the comments at the Web page specifically and directly states that the well-regarded Democrat “is an allegedly convicted child molester.”

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