The British Empire Is Going Down — Obama Must Go First


The British Empire oligarchs, both those in London and those in Washington and on Wall Street, are panicking. Obama is beginning to crumble, while the effort to create a presidential election in the U.S. out of garbage has created such a stench that the entire party system is falling apart. Russian statesman Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, has proven himself to be a true leader of men and nations, capable of acting in a way identified by the great German poet Friedrich Schiller, once known as the “Poet of Freedom” in America, who said we must be at the same time a patriot of our nation and a citizen of the world.

Obama, as well as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair, have been exposed as war criminals and compatriots of the British/Saudi terror apparatus by the combination of the Chilcot report in the U.K. and the release of the 28-page chapter of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into the 9/11 terror attack in the U.S. Why they are not yet in jail is the first question each citizen must ask him- or herself.

EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche today said that“the winning side has already been determined—not completely, but essentially—determined under the direction of Putin. Putin has done the job he had committed himself to do, and now that a growing number of others, especially in Germany, are supporting him, the victory is already virtually on our hands. Putin has earned it.”

Not that the Obama clones are not trying their best to start a thermonuclear world war. Former Obama Defense Secretary and CIA chief Leon Panetta told the Democratic Convention last week that Putin was a “dictator” whom Hillary Clinton will know how to deal with. Panetta’s chief of staff at both the Defense Department and the CIA Jeremy Bash, a top adviser of Mrs. Clinton, went straight to the Whore of Babylon herself, in an exclusive interview with the City of London’s Telegraph, essentially declaring war on the increasingly successful cooperation between Putin and Lavrov, and Secretary of State John Kerry to defeat terrorism in Syria and globally, further demonstrating the total split within the Obama Administration. Bash said Clinton will work to force Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “out of there,” and that a President Hillary Clinton would conduct a complete “Syria policy review” as the first order of business. The intent here is to sabotage the Kerry-Lavrov initiative now, not sometime in the future during the next administration, just as the current Defense Secretary Ash Carter last week countered Kerry’s efforts with Lavrov, firmly declaring that removing Assad is his first priority, and only then worrying about ISIS, al-Nusra or other terrorist groups.

But this is all a fraud, LaRouche emphasized today. The Hillary Clinton war team doesn’t have the capacity to do what they are threatening, short of starting World War III. Their intent is simply to wreck any steps towards a defeat of the Saudi-run terrorists, while trying desperately to break up the new paradigm centered on the China-Russia partnership and the New Silk Road process of global development. The results of the phony “stress tests” of the trans-Atlantic banking system, were released at 10:00 p.m. European time last Friday night, to allow time over the weekend to paste together the facade of yet another bail-out; but it is faced with an explosion Monday morning or soon thereafter. The Empire has no clothes.

They are failing. In China this past week, in preparation for the G20 heads of state and government summit to be held in China on September 4-5, several leading institutions co-sponsored a T20 (Think 20) Summit, with 500 scholars from 25 countries, around the theme of “building new global relations—new dynamics, new vitality and new prospects.” Among the speakers was Helga Zepp-LaRouche, addressing the urgency of “Building New Global Relationships” on the basis of the New Silk Road perspective of “win-win” development for all nations, as the necessary basis for ending the onrushing threat of global war, and implementing a new era of true peace and development internationally.

Lyndon LaRouche insisted today that we must inspire people to understand the capacity in their own minds to foresee the future, to see how important their lives are for mankind to achieve what otherwise we may not achieve. “We are now very close,” he said, “to winning the war against the British Empire.”

He also noted that people must give up deadly “practicality” in this moment of crisis for civilization. He is not putting himself forward as a presidential candidate, he said, but he will do everything in his power to shape the policies of government in the coming period.

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