Klayman: In bed with New York Times Republican establishment hacks and felons like James Clapper are traitors to the republic!

At Least 110 Republican Leaders Won’t Vote for Donald Trump. Here’s When They Reached Their Breaking Point.

By Karen Yourish and Larry Buchanan
New York Times
August 29, 2016
This list includes current and former members of Congress, governors and high-level officials from Republican administrations. People shaded in blue have said they will vote for Hillary Clinton.

 My Comment:  Is it because he stated he could work with Russia and Putin or that Free Trade Agreements were bad deals for America?  Or maybe that he stated we need a WALL to keep aliens out….we’re being dumped on by Mexico whose criminals are coming here like Cuba’s did.   We’re not getting their cream of the crop….If Trump would dump his loyalty to Zionism I would support him….anything but Hillary!

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