The masthead of Daat Emet, an academic and wholly Jewish website in Israel that exposes Jewish supremacism. In a follow-up letter to pundit James Gill, a Jewish Professor in Israel speaks about the incessant media smears against David Duke while ignoring the powerful danger of Jewish extremism. He sent us a somewhat edited version of his original letter to Gill.

The Media Rails Against David Duke but Ignores the Real Danger to America and the World!

Dear Mr. Gill,

You are very emotional about David Duke, a lot more than this Jew is. David Duke’s name does not stand on itself in the press, his name always comes with a preface like, racist or nazi, or anti-semite. As a Jewish professor who has extensively read David Duke’s writings, I don’t think he is any of those things. You speak of his past associations. He’s 58 now I think, so his early college days are almost 40 years ago. No matter, in Israel, we know that there are people that don’t like us, we expect that, but frankly, I have little worry about David Duke’s possible secret thoughts for we have our own versions of real, live, murderous and repressive Nazism in my country, right now.  You are worried about Duke’s possible secret beliefs but you seem to have no worry about George Bush going to war for Israel in Iraq? You didn’t address any of the concerns in my letter to you other than screaming about Nazism. That is common tactic of Israel, the spectre of Nazism can be used to justify any violation of human rights against the Palestinian people.

As a resident of Israel, I can show you living Nazism every day. I can show you a recent case where a Palestinian woman in life-threatening trouble giving birth and bleeding from her uterus who wasn’t allowed by an Israeli officer through a checkpoint to next Palestinian village where there was a hospital. Her baby died.

If you want to see Nazism, I can show you the American boycott policy in prewar Iraq (fostered by my Jewish American brethren) that resulted in the death of almost one million women and children. On the show 60 Minutes America’s Jewish Secretary of State at the time, Madeline Albright, was asked by Diane Sawyer if the death of 600,000 children was really worth the boycott. She answered, “Yes, we think it was worth it.” How about the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent death of about one million people and millions more wounded, suffering and made homeless in a preemptive war (the same type we prosecuted Nazis for at Nuremberg) based wholly on lies? How many women and children has your own epitome of evil, David Duke, murdered?

You rail about Duke’s supposed thinking about Nazism, but massive ethnic cleansing by Israel against hundreds of thousands of Palestinians is no real bother to you. You don’t seem to be at all worried about Israel’s massive cache of illegal atomic, chemical and biological weapons. You don’t seem to be at all worried about Israel torturing about 10000 Palestinians a year in their dungeons, and you aren’t the slightest bit concerned that the Jewish Neocons are getting America to get into the torture business too. Mr. Gill, that’s the real version of Hollywood Nazism, though frankly, no American P.O.W.’s claimed torture by the Germans in the war.  Read Kurt Vonnegut. And again, how many people has David Duke tortured?

You rail about Duke’s supposed racism, but you have no problem with the Chabad in New Orleans or in the White House that make Duke’s views look downright benign.

You have no worry about the Jewish efforts to promote a new horrendous war in Iran and possible world war with Russia because they resent it that Putin has dared to oppose the Jewish Oligarchs who stole much of the wealth of his country, and because he doesn’t go along with the Zionist-controlled Mideast policy of the USA. How many wars has David Duke started? And after reading his pieces for the last few years, I have only read words that repeatedly advocate peace.

By the way, we here in Israel have enjoyed a very popular show called The Oligarchs. Watching it we laugh at the stupid Russian people as our brethren joyfully steal the wealth and resources of the country. We here in Israel also love to visit the Russian prostitutes that our worldwide Jewish-led prostitution rings have enslaved for our most devout rabbis. (think I exaggerate, read the Jewish magazine Moment to learn more and also read an article in your own Times-Picayune by Jewish writer Michael Specter that exposes the biggest White slavery ring in history, one run from Israel).

I see swastikas every day I am in Israel, and they are depicted by six pointed stars.

You know at least one fourth of the Jews in Israel think like I do on this subject. But, no Americans are allowed to think about Israel the same way that a quarter of us think in Israel.

All Jews in Israel laugh at America and know that our brethren control your country, your media, your politics, your culture, your very minds.

Last year there was a ceremony shown on every TV in Israel of our President giving medals for heroism to the Israeli terrorists who blew up American facilities in Egypt. (The Lavon Affair) Did you see this on American television read or about it in American newspapers?

You probably have no idea what I am talking about, you poor, deceived American journalist? Of course, I forgot that Americans aren’t even allowed to know that Israel has committed terrorism against America more than once.

Every Jew in Israel knows that Pollard was a Jewish spy and that the Israeli government bartered the info to the Soviets at the cost of 1400 secret American operative’s lives in Soviet Eastern Europe. Read the comments of American Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger about this horrendous crime against America. I personally have talked to a couple of Israeli pilots who told me that every Jew in the airforce at the time of the attack knew that the USS Liberty was an American ship. But how many Americans know about this purposeful, murderous Israeli terrorist attack against an American ship? The American Secretary of State at the time of the attack, Dean Rusk, knew of this deliberate, murderous Zionist terrorist attack against America and has spoken out about it ever since, but really, how many Americans know about it?

Did David Duke attack the Liberty? Has he ever put an American in harms way? If America had listened to him before the Iraq War how many tens of thousands of American lives would not have been lost or ruined, and how many billions saved?

The truth is that any American politician who would even dare to talk about the USS Liberty would be savaged by the media and shunned by the party establishments. Perhaps you too think Israel should be rewarded for its terrorism and treachery against America, but even if you don’t, you wouldn’t dare say anything about it because you know who butters your bread.

What is odd to me is that as a Jew I am more bothered by the most common word Jews use to denote a Gentile woman or girl, “shiksa,” which means prostitute. It seems to me that you should be even more upset than I, after all it is your own women and girls who being routinely called prostitutes. My brethren in the USA really do have you under their thumb. And it doesn’t seem to bother you at all that the Chabad, which believes along with Halachah law that Gentiles like you aren’t even human but are little more than animals, can be invited to the White House and confer solemnly with the President. What has David Duke really done but defend your people, your own wives and daughters and mothers? But, you seem to side with the extremists that hate and defile your own people. It is really quite sad.

I myself have been referred to as a self-hating Jew for objecting to Jewish racism and anti-Gentile hatred. Actually, I love my people so much that I don’t want them to do evil or be evil. For too long, centuries actually, our people have been ruled by extremists who have eventually led our people from one disaster to another, including the Holocaust.

Mr. Gill, please think open-mindedly about these things I have taken the time to write you.

Nazism in the old form is dead. It has been resurrected in a new form, and its new form has six points not four.

Zionism and Jewish extremism are leading your people to disaster and likewise my own people to disaster.

After reading his writings for years, carefully checking his facts, deeply thinking about his arguments and seeing the truth of his words day to day in my own university, my own government, my own country of Israel, I know that David Duke speaks truth, not hatred. It is often said that when you point your finger at someone your other three fingers point back at yourself. I know that the ones calling David Duke a racist and hater and supremacist fill those definitions far more than David Duke does.

I have grown to respect the man, and I frankly don’t know how he has withstood the attacks that he has over the years and still stays strong and committed and… not descended to the hate and vitriol of his truly supremacist, powerful enemies.

It is appropriate that like so many bible-believing Americans, he has a biblical name, David, for he has been a true David against the Goliath of a Jewish extremist-controlled establishment. He holds no political office today, no mansions, no wall street portfolios, but he has one of the most courageous voices in the world against Jewish extremism. I am convinced his positions on the issues are absolutely correct. You would be surprised how he is read and respected by many in Israel like me. He has gained respect in many nations and his books are being increasingly read.

Please Mr. Gill, if you are indeed a Gentile, follow the advice of this almost-retired Jewish professor, read, investigate, think for yourself on the bigger issues I have outlined. Men have little failings, every man does, even you are likely to have some, perhaps you are fortunate to be blessed that only you know what yours are. David Duke is no perfect man, but he is saying what should be said by every person in your country. Let America be guided by policies good for Americans, not by the Jewish extremists who are loyal not to Americans, but to their fellow extremists. I want to see the Jewish people act with love and kindness. That can’t happen until the Jewish extremists controlling both Jews and Gentiles are exposed and deposed.

Unfortunately I expect you to always respond to Duke by attacking him personally and not understanding the fundamental truth of his arguments. Ironically, I just corresponded with him for the first time today and he said not a word against you, just said you earned your living writing for the King’s court and you were an eloquent wordsmith. He said you were pretty unmerciful on him, but that you were paid well to do it and understood that writers in the modern American establishment must compromise themselves every day. Everybody he says, to a greater or lesser degree, does what he has to do to survive. The same he says goes for every politician. David Duke seemed to have a resigned toleration of you in spite of what you write about him.

What a different man is David Duke than that snake in the grass David Vitter, who I knew was a phony since my university days.

Peace be with you,


PS did you read the DAAT EMET site?

Here is a link to DAAT EMET in Israel. Read it and learn. As you read it, imagine the reaction if David Duke said anything as remotely racist and evil against non-Europeans as the living Jewish Law, called the Halachah says about you and your heritage.


My Comment:  A picture is worth a thousand words:  result of US led by the nose into supporting Zionist policies:  Depleted Uranium Babies in Middle East-where are these pictures in our Media????  since we support these policies?  pro-Israel, pro-ZionImage result for DEPLETED URANIUM BABIES

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