US Senate Committee Chairman: Humans Aren’t Causing Climate Change, Schoolchildren Are Being ‘Brainwashed’

Posted: 28 Jul 2016 10:00 PM PDT

Climate change remains one of the most hotly debated scientific issues today. Though we don’t deny that it’s happening, we also recognize that it is, at least to a certain extent, a natural part of the Earth’s fluctuations.

The question then has become, to what extent is the climate change we are currently experiencing the result of human activity (greenhouse gases), and how much of it is inevitable?

While the mainstream media presents this as a clearcut case, ridiculing or outright ignoring scientists who question our impact, the issue is far more complex than we are being led to believe, and much is still in doubt. There are other factors we need to take into consideration.

Senator James Inofhe, chairman of the US Senate Committee on  Environment and Public Works, is a good person to start with if we want to get the objective story on climate change.

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